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  1. I’m to tried to copy and fast the whole artifact spill, it’s late tonight and I’ve been protesting at VALVE headquarters for a update all night so can you guys just pretend I was talking about the dedicated artifact fanbase please

    • It’s funny because the primary issue with that was DR spies using Engineer building gibs to do that. Large ammo kits still didn’t give 100% cloak, just 60%. They could have just made it not be able to pick up building gibs for cloak and dinged cloak gain from ammo by another 15%, but nope, Gaben only has a sledgehammer, not a scalpel.

    • A lot of the weapons people bitch about being nerfed were blatant crutches; I guarantee your ass if they ever fix the Iron Shitter’s projectile being x8 the size of normal pipes there’s going to be Gankeredditors complaining about how Valve "patched the fun out of the game."

    • DR was pretty good when you’re playing on a choke fest map and you had no other way to get behind the enemy team. Besides that though there wasn’t much use for it.

  2. >revert plugin fixes everything valve nerfs
    >absolutely nothing feels OP anymore just fun

    Was valve just retarded, like did the nerfs happen solely because of valve ruining everything?

    • Nerfs happened because Valve wanted to chase those fat eSport profits, so they listened to comphomosexuals on how to balance their game for 6v6 and Highlander tournaments.

  3. Today I will remind them


    Cowmangler, the worst fucking soldier rocket launcher.
    >comp homosexuals
    >it’s too spammy in comp, valve needs to lower the fire rate

    • What are you talking about the cow mangler is practically a straight upgrade in comp. The crit downgrade doesn’t matter if your medic isn’t running kritzkrieg and the building damage doesn’t matter because the charge shot shoots flying frenchmen that straight up disables buildings letting your team mop up the sentry nest with little to no resistance. The cow mangler is a brilliant weapon, more than viable.

      • >What are you talking about the cow mangler is practically a straight upgrade in comp.
        This is where the entire argument falls apart.
        The game should not be balanced around 1% of the communities retarded un-intended playstyle.

      >Meet your Match
      >Gun Mettle (mostly for adding weapon skins and tiers)

      >Sniper vs Spy
      >Love & War

      • >love and war
        anything post engineer update is sub-par.
        Also for worst updates I’d have to replace meet your match with invasion, and gun mettle with the tough break update because it broke the most weapons.

        • >replace meet your match with invasion
          meet your match literally fucked TF2 so bad it’s still feeling the aftereffects today

          • The quickplay update where they removed the server browser is what you’re looking for.

            I’m adding invasion, because it prevented valve from working with the community to fix their game for them.

        • I forgot Invasion was even a thing but that’s a community update so it sort of exists in its own bubble, and I feel like Gun Mettle deserves more blame over Tough Break since it introduced a lot of what TB brought in

  4. >For years, comp homosexuals scream about how you should always use the default weapons because they’re the best
    >Valve proceeds to nerf every single unlockable so they’re not even worth using as sidegrades and are all almost useless
    Fun game. At this point I pray every day the backpack servers will die so all the hats will go away since everyone’s just using stock weapons anyway.

    • It wasnt comp it was definitely the opposite, low skilled players who could counter spy with simple communication, even if spy had all his nerfs removed he still wouldnt be viable in competitive


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