52 thoughts on “>Ganker when they’re told that they’re supposed to pay for games”

  1. labor has no intrinsic value
    intellectual property is socialist/corporatist designed to protect the value of labor/contracts

    piracy is capitalism

  2. The problem isn’t paying for games. It’s that games are chock-full of scams, anti-consumer practices and are just generally not a good investment.
    In between inflated prices, exclusivity, proprietary hardware, publishers limiting how people use the things they paid for and games just generally being lower and lower quality as it goes along, why the fuck would I spend any money on it?
    And that’s without even getting into any political debate, because once you do there’s even more reason why you shouldn’t be financially supporting this industry.

    • Why even insist on being a part of it at all? Why not just walk away. That’s an optional. Why not just find something else to do? None of the people here are here because someone is holding a gun to their head and telling them to bitch about video games. They’re here entirely of their own volition. You could just choose to not be here. You could always just walk away. And if you don’t, well, that’s your choice. You choose to stay in a system you despise. Nobody is forcing you to put up with all of that stuff. It doesn’t have to be your problem.

    • >Remove DRM, sign-in requirement, and always online

      That’s there because you wouldn’t pay, idiots. That’s like a shoplifter saying "turn off all of those security cameras and maybe I’ll pay for this stuff".

    • >All entertainent should be free.

      Entertainment is a luxury. Why are you wasting time on luxuries when you should be working in factory, comrade? You are not good communist. Off to gulag with you.

  3. I mean, if the option of playing for free is there, why not take it?
    >muh poor developers
    get better anti-piracy software then?

    • Yeah i mean why not just rob every store you come across. Or take your neighbors car. Or just shoot the bank teller. The option is there.
      I hope you dont mind when i come and murder you for your stuff, though.

      • because those are major felonys with actual jail time serving and death penalty? nobody will give a shit about me torrenting but you can bet everyone will be on the watch for a fugitive with manslaughter in their record

          • I have been torrenting for over 20 years now, and have a library of roughly 50 something games with a external hard drive with almost double that, you can call piracy a crime all you want but ultimately nobody gives a fuck about it, call me the bad guy if that makes you feel better somehow, keep riding your self righteous high horse, carry on, bottom line is, I have pirated, Im pirating and I will keep pirating because despite all those spooky piracy warnings you see in your movies nobody will ever give a damn

    • >get better anti-piracy software then?

      You mean like DRM? Always online? That kind of thing? Great idea, put it in every game!

      • if you dont want me to pirate then yeah, but then again you are understimating the autism of pirate crackers, drm and always online are not as strong as they used to be

        • >drm and always online are not as strong as they used to be
          Bruh denuvo is so strong only a few trannies are able to beat it, why did you think we get daily threads seething about it?

          • They should just put Denuvo in every game. If pirates are going to shit all over the place without remorse, we can’t have nice things, and it’s entirely the pirates’ fault.

          • this is the reason why you cant get painkillers from the doctor anymore when theyre actually needed

            a few retards sit and get addicted and ruin it for the rest of us

            make the rest of the world suffer because you cant stop being a shithead love it

            inb4 reddit spacing

    • Oh, okay. I’d like to hire you then. Oh, but you’ll be paid in good word of mouth, not money. I hope that’s not a problem…

        • I didn’t say you’d be working for a video game company. You know what, you don’t have to work at all, I’ll just give you some NEETbux every month.

          Only I’ll be paying those NEETbux in word of mouth and exposure. Again, it’s just as good as actual money, right?

          • Fuck off game dev homosexual. Maybe you should make software that isnt so easily pirateable then? Or just stop caring?

          • Great idea, put a shitton of DRM in every game. Always online, the works. Make it as oppressive as possible.

            And you can’t complain about that. It was your idea.

          • Not my problem i buy games I like. I dont even pirate but its a non issue for me. Only time always online is unacceptable is on a handheld. On a pc that is hooked up to ethernet? Its a non issue.

        • Hey, you can’t complain! You think paying devs in word of mouth is acceptable, right? So why isn’t it okay to pay you in word of mouth? If you don’t like how your own medicine tastes, whose fault is that, hmm?

          • I think video games shouldn’t exist and world finance needs to collapse to the point where people actually value their leisure time. Also you will never be a woman

          • >I think video games shouldn’t exist and world finance needs to collapse to the point where people actually value their leisure time

            That’s pretty stupid. Nobody is obligated to play video games. It’s nobody’s fault but yours if you choose to spend all of your free time playing video games.

          • I don’t actually play video games I surf Ganker on my phone at work for (you)s then work out 3 hours a day to get pussy

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