41 thoughts on “Give me the best strategy game you’ve ever played on your PC! Or your SOUL IS MINE!”

  1. dune 2000 , mainly because of the music
    xcom2 , because it was so memorable due to the unfair op enemies at the beginning…then i steamrolled them with my psi guys later

  2. Broodwar
    Age of Empries 2
    C&C Red Alert 2
    Romance of Three Kingdoms 13 and 14

    and unironically AOE4 from stress test felt like crack recently.

    • It’s a damn shame neither Command and Conquer nor AoE II are on GoG. Great games.

      >Shang Tsung you ruined mk11
      Doesn’t matter. He’s still in the best MK movie.

  3. I don’t play a lot of strategy games, but of them the "best" one is probably Company of Heroes 2. Normie choice but it’s all I’ve got.

  4. I know this isn’t the thread to ask this, but is that DSP’s filthy ass that keeps getting spammed here? Either way please stop.


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