64 thoughts on “GOG is better than Steam. DRM is malware and you are a slave to corporate villainy. I will not trade…”

        • not the Linux I use
          Linux can be anywhere from maximum testosterone to a final stage of transition that 41% of trannies have achieved ao far
          Linux is what YOU choose
          If (you) choose to be chud, that’s your personal problem, in which case seek help or contribute to above mentioned statistics

  1. Based. Don’t forget to support developers that release their source code and use 100% free and open-source software to create their games, at least when they’re having a sale. This may encourage other developers to follow their steps.

  2. Most of the games I play are on steam and barely any of my friends use GOG. Still love GOG though. I even remember turning 18 and I could finally use my fucking debit card online and the first thing I did was hop on GOG and buy the original Rise of the Triad

  3. how come Ganker has so many based threads lately?
    I was told that you are all bunch of consolehomosexual consoomers, but now you make threads about freedom-respecting systems
    what the fuck is going on?

    • Too bad that freedom will never reach video games because developers love to use proprietary software (even completely closed source software), love to not share code, and that gamers are the most braindead group of consoomers and will embrace with open arms anything that comes with the popular games.

  4. I mean maybe, but with Steam I can copy/paste the game into my other PC and play. Didn’t work with gog. So it might be better but didn’t do what I need.

  5. Eh, I’d rather deal with excruciating DRM than give CD Projekt a single dime. Shit company that has never and will never make a good game.

  6. Not every game on Steam has DRM. And no, the client itself to buy and download the games is not DRM.
    Once you have them you can back them up like traditional GOG installers.

  7. GoG stopped supporting DRM-free games. They have started selling games with DRM since last year.

    Your ideals have died on the alter of profits and you no longer have any safety from the storm.

    • >Find out they have some classic games that are a nightmare to run on modern system.
      >Still need some patches to make them work properly

      GOG was the chosen one…

          • >constant trouble shooting
            >annoying to learn
            >pain in the ass to get games to work in the first place
            >takes too much time to do stuff that you can do in seconds on windows.
            >windows is faster
            >it looks like shit
            >theres no reason to use it

          • >>constant trouble shooting
            Use a beginner distro
            >>annoying to learn
            opinion, but it’s objectively more logical than Windows or MacOS
            >>pain in the ass to get games to work in the first place
            just 1 setting in Steam
            >>takes too much time to do stuff that you can do in seconds on windows.
            Such as? And I can name many more things in the reverse, like getting software from the command line or even a gui software repository
            >>windows is faster
            objectively false and enormously laughable to anyone who knows anything about the kernels and filesystems
            Brave, ungoogled chromium, librewolf, surf, vivaldi, min, midori, chrome,
            >>it looks like shit
            opinion and you can customize literally everything, or just choose a better default from the start
            >>theres no reason to use it
            Privacy, security, system efficiency, better filesystem, more customization, more compatibility with hardware and file types, easier to fix problems, consolidated software sources, expedient software and system upgrades
            but best of all
            >not Windows

        • >and realized that linux is more of a problem then its "worth"
          Imagine being this much of a retard. No wonder you use windows lmao.

  8. >"If they didn’t want me pirating their games, why are they so easy to pirate?"
    >Uses DMR as an anti-piracy measure

    • Aside from emulators, is there any point of PC gaming in the modern gaming landscape.
      >DRM makes games perform worse
      >games will become more demanding once devs stop making games for PS4/Xbone
      >GPUs are still overpriced. Even shit like the 1660S or the 2060 costs more than a console.


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