>had his version of the direct hit nerfed even though it was only 20% faster compared to the 80% fas…

>had his version of the direct hit nerfed even though it was only 20% faster compared to the 80% faster rockets
>has his sticky plash nerfed so its smaller than rocket splash yet stickies wipe the floor with rockets
>has less self explosive resistance than soldier yet can make deadlier bombs
>soldier needs a MvM upgrade that makes the rocket launcher function like pipe grenades, soldier is still inferior
>Demoman still dunks on soldier after all these years
Why cant we beat him bros? Can soldiers compete?

53 thoughts on “>had his version of the direct hit nerfed even though it was only 20% faster compared to the 80% fas…”

  1. Maybe some day you too will be good at scout anon 🙂 Then maybe you can believe when people say they are good 🙂 instead of being shit 🙂

  2. Realest possible talk, I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

    Imagine if the piece of shit who made the sniper and heavy bots made them medics instead? Medics that are just so good they prolong the length of the match by preventing players from dying or some shit.

    how interesting would that be?



  4. Going Loch, Targe, Nine Iron was so unfair and I loved it. Even after the initial Loch n Load damage nerf it was still very dangerous.
    >enemy thinks they can take me on
    >lose most of their health with one Loch pipe
    >they go ‘oh shit oh fuck oh shit’
    >dash up and cleave their head of and anybody else that happened to get caught in the splash damage

  5. >Some Heavy is clearly using aimbot
    >Call him out and put votekick on him
    >"Dude he isn’t spinning, he is just good"
    People have forgotten that there are other aimbots than spinbots. Fucking painful

    • >snap back and forth to kill 2 guys behind me and 2 guys in front of me with perfect accuracy as heavy because i can due to my sensitivity and huge mousepad
      >seething retard spectates me the rest of the game and tries to get me banned for "aimbotting"
      aaaaahhhhhh always a great feeling to style on people without gamesense

      • It is just that the Heavy snapped on people who were behind him and came out of the cover. It is quite clear when you spectate them.

    • >Heavy aimbot
      I never understood this. I played a game and there were like four heavy aimbots, but they were all middle scoring because Heavy just doesn’t need aimbot.

  6. >high mobility
    >high health
    >high damage
    >mains cry about every little nerf that could actually balance the game
    why are demohomosexuals like this?

  7. Why is there no other FPS weapon like the grenade launcher?
    its the most satisfying gun ive ever used, it should be replicated in masse.

    • Halo reach kind of has it but its a single shot but otherwise its the same.
      Youre also using a controller with aim assist so its kind of shit to aim with it.

  8. Demoman is just more fun overwall when you’re using this thing to jump across large maps like upward and shoving pipes down people’s throats

    • they push the flow of the game, if it werent for them medics couldnt uber anything but molasses slow heavies that woul accomplish nothing and no one would be able to play scout since engineer wouldnt have real counters

      • I didn’t say they should be removed from the game, though. Considering the other classes capabilities, strong brainless damage is a good thing to fight them.

        • soldier is really strong against low tier players, demo gets better where there is more skill involved and youre fighting an entire team and in comptard level scout is the best is my experience.

  9. I mained demo for the first 3 years of the game’s life. In the context of fighting with tf2 weapons, the stock grenade launcher is one of the best-designed guns, ever, and the sticky launcher is one of the worst-designed guns. What’s disheartening is that in pubs (where 90% of the actual gameplay happens) the sticky launcher consistently outperforms the grenade launcher by a wide margin (reasons being: average player is bad at playing around stickies, average player doesn’t have enough awareness to pay attention to stickies in a busy firefight, and stickies are simply better when enemies clump [which happens on checkpoints, on the cart, at choke points–pretty much everywhere]).
    still love demo but he’s definitely flawed
    >inb4 just use a shield
    I typically did run one, after the charge n targe was released. doesn’t change the fact that stickies net better results in pubs.

    • the shotgun is very dependent on distance, at max damage the shotty can do 105 if all pellets hit: 105 x 6 = 630.
      Rockets can do 112 max damage with stock, x 4 = 448.
      630 + 448 = 1078.

      Demo’s sticky does around 120 max per bomb, max = 960.
      The pipes can do a max of 100 if each hit, x 4 = 400.
      960 + 400 = 1360.

      You’re selling the soldier way too short, also soldier is way up-front with his damage, he doesn’t have to plan ahead. It’s balanced that the demo can do about 33% more max damage.

  10. Well they tried to make in an update but then comp homosexuals had a fucking meltdown becauase they had to learn how to use pipes instead of just stickying people’s feet, so valve reverted the change.

    • >only using stickies
      how to die to any non idiot, youre supposed to combine the weapons to make yourself unreachable while also being able to throw out 100 damage bombs

      • It’s not important whether you use them. What is important is soldier has them because he won the only officially acknowledged war between the two classes.

      • because ground soldier is kinda shit like heavy, theyre both too slow.
        Unless youre playing mge, jumping around and being as mobile as a scout is what gives soldier an edge over demo

          • yeah but when you jump you take like 50 – 70 hp in comparison to 17.
            it just leaves you as an easy scout picking if there are no health packs or medic around.

          • Yeah, but being able to rocketjump for almost free is quite strong tool. It lets you rocketjump on duels and get away from encounters with just small health cost. Even when you lose your shotgun or banners, it can be very worth for some gameplay styles. For example, rollouts are very cheap and flanking is quick and you can heal yourself completely often with medium healthkits.

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