49 thoughts on “Haha imagine doom game but sexy waifu demons!”

    • They’re basically the Gokuhomosexual of sci-fi franchise
      >someone bring up any setting

      • Samus gets that a lot too, but at least her games have actual ridiculous feats with multiple bosses the size of buildings. Master Chief fans used to to be that way but I like to think most halohomosexuals from the early 2000s grew up and realized Chief barely survives his death defying feats on basically pure luck. Doomguy/slayer still instills such autism mainly because there is never friendly soldiers fighting alongside him nor providing air/artillery support etc. in his games

          • >actual fellow human soldiers appear in Doom Eternal
            >never see them in active combat fighting for their lives
            >or at least let Doomslayer interact with them after clearing out an area of daemons

            I found the game lacked clear moments of heroism.

          • Doom games having the protag on their own is a series staple, even the most grounded game in the series (Doom 3) you didn’t have any NPC allies fighting alongside you whatsoever

    • I don’t find it sexually pleasing. I find that it makes me feel very happy and get a rush of simple joy whenever someone is in pain.

  1. HDoom but with 2016 mechanics and graphics would be sick. The guns would make the demon girls cum instead of killing them. You can regain health by screwing them. The animation keeps playing if you hold the melee button. Different animations will play depending on where you trigger them from. If you lose, play a femdom animation with the demon that got you. Other than that, keep the speed, challenge, and gamefeel intact. Basically substitute all blood with coom. All the hot stuff is integrated into the gameplay with the gameplay itself being fun.

      • https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/493436926/
        >two years later and still no Crash and Phobos campaign
        >some are true and other ones are unconfirmed

      • Zoomers didn’t play Quake, neither did a lot of boomers. It’s the game everyone pretended to play because their parents wouldn’t buy them a video card, and by the time they got decent PCs it was already 10 years later.

  2. I fucking hate gurohomosexuals. I seriously see them as serial killers just waiting for the right moment to snapped and kill people for their sick fetish. Seriously, shit ton of serial killers just do it because it give them pleasure. Fuck them and fuck gurohomosexuals.

  3. sick rotten body landslide jiggly breast land with super soft skin gusty winds tickle a sexy moan out of this sexy thick land mass as ph3rmn levels spike [mask up]
    >[checking siezmg rerouting to potentle water source]

    • clearly, after fucking, before fucking or during fucking they tried to kill him and he had to put them down. because demon gonna demon. big human Cock can only distract them from their essential natures for so long.


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