52 thoughts on “haha, look at her go”

      • I didn’t know shit about Pyra, but my first exposure to her was that animation of her as a business lady getting drunk and then railed by three dudes.

      • NTR makes up like 2% of the artwork for any given fapbait character. Ganker fixates on it due to psychological engineering via discord.

        • how do we unengineer this bullshit? And why is it being dropped on us? Is it ethical to eradicate these discord dwellers for their retarded propaganda?

          • you don’t, the weak minded will perish any sane person just ignores it and moves on, if you get into NTR just because a bunch of trannies decide to spam it then you shouldn’t be in this place at all

          • I hate NTR, I’m just saying I don’t like the way Pyra and Mythra are dressed. Kind of clashes with how they act from the clips I’ve seen of the games.
            I’m not happy with my anonymous brothers being targeted by bullshit though. It’s not healthy. All this racebaiting and porn posting.

          • yeah then engage in their autism and post bleached memes or whatever 24/7 like them, you should unironically go to reddit if anonymous posting can truly affect you so much to the point of changing your way to think, cucks and trannies are a lost cause, they only live to try and insert their filth on everything they consume to justify their own existence, you cannot match them in autism, and you cannot kick them out either because of anonymity, either ignore them, filter them or just don’t come here at all, it will break your mind

    • I’m a contrarian who thought that jif was cute but upon seeing this comment my blood began to boil and I felt an immense and guttural hatred for it because this anon decided that he was the almighty god amongst men who decides what is and isn’t right for someone to dislike. Fuck you you goddamn narcissistic parasitic mongoloid. The next time you decide to crawl out your cave and make an asinine comment like that again please do so during a thunder storm and wave a large metal object up to the sky, for the rest of us.

      • >this anon decided that he was the almighty god amongst men who decides what is and isn’t right for someone to dislike
        he didn’t do that


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