64 thoughts on “Has something like Free Guy ever happened in a real video game?”

  1. >dude literally invents fully sentient artificial intelligence just because he was too much of a pussy to ask out his girl best friend

    Oddly accurate.

    • it’s Pt1, so half the book. I haven’t read Dune myself but Denis Villeneuve is the director and judging from dune’s reputation he seems like a strong pick for the series.

  2. this movie was the dumbest fucking shit i’ve seen
    >no one has ever thought to go OOB in the entire games life span

    literally never happens

  3. >AAA constantly invests fuckhuge amounts of money into graphics and physics
    >AI is still dumb as fuck in vidya
    Sad state of affairs.

  4. There wa that greentext about the bots in Quake who were left fighting for so long that they eventually realized the best way to avoid death was to just stand completely still, and once the player killed one they all ganged up on him and the game crashed. Probably bullshit but I believe it.

  5. >StarWars™ theme plays
    >"Thats a Lightsaber™ from StarWars™"
    >"WHOA thats the Lightsaber™ from StarWars™"
    >"It’s the Lightsaber™ from StarWars™!"
    modern movies

        • when the movie is finished? no
          sometimes people clap when they laugh really hard
          and sometimes there’s a little clapping when something is awesome
          black people will fucking hoot, holler, and talk/shout back to the movie though

        • I’ve heard they sometimes clap when they cheer and get excited, liek when they see consumable Disney product reference in a movie they didn’t expect it to be in.

          I’ve seen people give a standing ovation to movies in the cinema before, usually Oscar bait and popular director movies (like inception)

  6. This is the massive plot twist that everyone is fucking butthurt about in Star Ocean 3.

    It’s pretty fucking stupid even in context but the game itself is great so everyone that complains about it is a total homosexual.

  7. >movie about being in a video game world
    >has references to other stuff
    >references Star Wars/Marvel movies with actual sfx/musics, great props etc
    >"references" Half-Life / Portal with the not-Portal Gun and not-Gravity Gun, cheap prop, incorrect use, and wrong sfx
    >Fortnite got the actual sfx for it’s reference
    I want to believe it was Valve saying no and they made it legally distinct to get away with including it anyway but that pissed me off more than it should really.

  8. Yes it’s called Oblivions radiant AI shitting itself and causing an NPC to go berserk because another one bumped into them too many times or some shit.

  9. I heard that new fable game had some sort of revolutionary AI/Dialog. So probably that OP. Of course, fable games have never been good so there is that little hitch

  10. AI has come a long way from the early days of gaming, but we’re not even close to sentience, especially running as an NPC in a video game.


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