22 thoughts on “Have low poly games aged poorly?”

  1. I was in middle school during the 5th gen, I think of it as being "my" generation of consoles, and sadly, I can’t play any of those games these days. They all look like such shit, even on crt (of course I have 1). Luckily I also played a lot of snes and nes so at least I still have that for glorious nostalgia wanking but fuck the n64 to hell. The lone exception is Waverace 64, the best racing game ever made.

  2. >quest 64

    people call MGSV unfinished, this game was like exploring a barren lunar landscape

    it didn’t age poorly honestly, it was somewhat poor to begin with. Still liked it as a kid because this was before I played an objectively good game and you kinda filled in the gaps with IMAGINATION

  3. it’s pretty simple, and this applies to 2d and all visual media really.
    developers or artists that work within the boundaries of their creation and stylize, exaggerate and simplify will create a game that ages better. on the left side you see these people are using probably the highest resolution textures the consoles could support while also trying to make it look realistic. that doesn’t work. that’s why things like sly cooper still looks presentable despite being a PS2 game because it went for a cartoony comic book vibe that the console could support.

    meanwhile.. .grand turismo? dogwater

  4. depend on the game mostly, some very styilized are style not too horrible
    but compared to 2d art, pixel art etc. yeah
    like just look at metal slug

  5. graphics never bother me in video games, control schemes do

    tank controls are terrible and anyone that defends them is mentally deficient.


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