Have you been enjoying the new minecraft update? So far It’s been almost everything I wanted ou…

Have you been enjoying the new minecraft update? So far It’s been almost everything I wanted out of Minecraft since I started playing. The only thing missing is airships and furniture.

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    • Caves can be huge and varied now and there are multiple new block types so you should have more variety and can build stuff directly into the terrain.
      Also mobs only spawn at light level 0 so you won’t have to spam torches everywhere to light everything up.

  1. Why aren’t there any items in Minecraft that can be used for instantly creating terrain? It’s way too easy for griefers to explode things. There should be an counter.

    • Pick and choose:
      >Don’t play on anarchy servers
      >Don’t live straight on the axes
      >Hide your base
      >Don’t leak your cords to people you don’t trust
      >Turn off mob griefing
      >Continue bitching about a non issue

  2. >The only thing missing is things that didn’t exist in medieval times
    Maybe it’s just me, but the fact we use chests instead of cardboard boxes, red dust instead of wire, swords instead of AK-47s, and magic instead of science gave me the impression modern technology doesn’t belong in Minecraft.

    Chairs is a meme. All we need are micro blocks instead to make our own style of furniture as a mold instead of more useless decorative bloat

  3. Is there a way to have buffet worldgens in multiplayer yet? Skylands (flaot) has been possible for a few updates but I havent gotten around to figuring out how to do it, is it as easy as generating it in singleplayer and just pasting it in your multiplayer server dir?

  4. Sweet. Another 3 years and this will be the new standard modding version. Looks like 1.16 renaissance will be more like the 1.10 short lived renewal. I wonder how hard it will be to move from 1.16 to 1.18? Surely easier than it was too move from 1.7 to 1.12?

  5. >Airships
    Making mobile blocks easier to code in than clunky pistons would revolutionize so many things, but I doubt Jeb can do it. It was one of Notch’s holy grails that he never got to see through.

  6. I just want them to add volcanos. Doesn’t have to be a whole new biome but it fits with the whole "improving mountains". I mean we already have random bits of lava coming out of the sides of mountains and hills so why not?

  7. >middle school
    >we miss the school with 2 of my classmates to play minecraft 1.1
    >my computer can’t even run minecraft with more than 5 fps so I go to my classmate home and play on his pc while he plays on his dads laptop

  8. im tryng to make a medieval high fantasy modpack to play in a server with friends
    i need mods that add
    generated structures
    armors and weapons
    please recommend me some, last version i played was 1.7.10 and all the good mods from then haven’t been updated
    also no automation, tech, power or any of that bullshit

  9. Vanilla MC sucks and always has, especially after ocean update. If you aren’t playing modded MC you are either a bedrock player or a consolehomosexual(also a bedrock player).

  10. Oh boy it only took 3 years for a """professional""" dev team funded by Microsoft to develop a cave system that was outclassed by a mod 10 years ago


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