Have you ever made content for a game? Maps, skins, music, etc

Have you ever made content for a game? Maps, skins, music, etc

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, mostly AOE2 maps.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    What are you getting it at?

  3. 4 weeks ago

    I made a map for Rivals of Aether once. It was a pain in the ass. I still ended up getting into gamedev later and its way easier.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    >Make Your Own Quake
    >Doomguy helmet

    • 4 weeks ago

      >newfag doesn't know that this is Doom from Quake 3

  5. 4 weeks ago

    Yes, I do so quite frequently. I still have many old, very cringey maps I made for Starcraft.

  6. 4 weeks ago

    Writer, composer, and QA, yes. Literally cannot open the main game I work on without seeing 3 things that are the way they are because I said they should be.

  7. 4 weeks ago

    I made a minecraft map as a high schooler that got like 100k downloads. I think it's completly unplayable nowadays becase that was still during the beta of the game.

  8. 4 weeks ago

    I made one of the maps in this

  9. 4 weeks ago

    I used to spend hours making custom Brawl stages in the stage builder. Sometimes I even uploaded them to Smash Service. Hope whoever got those levels liked them.

  10. 4 weeks ago

    made some vs maps, tried to make a small campaign but it was too kuch work and made a survival map by copying official ones. also made some textures copying them from another game

  11. 4 weeks ago

    A few qol mods for cyberpunk 2077

  12. 4 weeks ago

    I made a bunch of mods for total warhammer 2 & 3.
    Actually, I really oughta update them. Alot of them have fallen into full disrepair.
    Maybe that’ll be my project for today.

  13. 4 weeks ago

    Yep. I've made Doom maps for my Clan back in the day. Like a huge cringy HQ where each member had their own room with their own custom stuff in it.

    It was so fucking shitty even thinking about it makes me cringe so hard. FUCK

    • 4 weeks ago


    • 4 weeks ago

      lol, that sounds kind of nice, anon, don't cringe too hard.

    • 4 weeks ago

      You might think its cringe but I'm sure all of your members really appreciated it god knows I would've

    • 4 weeks ago

      Thats based not cringe. It’s not cringe to care about friends.

  14. 4 weeks ago

    I had a Doom map editor that I got from a magazine disc. It was easy to use but ultimately disappointing. It wasn't until I used the editor that I realised the Doom engine didn't allow for buildings with one floor directly above another. This meant I couldn't recreate my home in a tenement building, which had been my first idea.

  15. 4 weeks ago

    I made a map that got really popular despite being unbalanced as shit.

  16. 4 weeks ago

    as a teenager i made a pretty cool Metal Slug mod for Soldat once, completely lost to time, never uploaded it anywhere and lost it with that hard drive, bummer

    also as a kid i made some maps for Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, super basic stuff, not really worth preserving

    i also made a small mod for Age of Wonders to play it widescreen on the Steam Deck, now THAT one i uploaded to modDB and the AOW modding site everyone uses

  17. 4 weeks ago

    yeah maps for unreal 2k4 and worked on some weapon skins for the ballistic weapons mod

  18. 4 weeks ago

    I got started making maps for Half-Life using Worldcraft and throughout the years I've built up a repository of 1500 small maps across Quake, Half-Life etc that are unreleased, but finished, arted and explore some specific mechanic.
    I also have about about 3000 piano recordings with little ideas I've explored.
    I'm the master of small ideas but can never commit to putting them into a released package.

  19. 4 weeks ago

    I made some Doom maps around 2015/16.

  20. 4 weeks ago

    Making mods and fucking around in the editor was very common back in the day, it was easier to ask who didn't do any of that.
    I stopped bothering making mods because homosexual devs update their games twice a week nowadays and I can't be arsed to keep it all up to date all the time.

  21. 4 weeks ago

    I tried making Doom maps with an early version of DEU in late 90s. it was very difficult to use even making a simple door was a pain in the ass and I never finished them

  22. 4 weeks ago

    yes I made warcraft 3 maps, very often they were racist. it was so fun
    I'm now a web developer

  23. 4 weeks ago

    I only shared a map for Quake. It really needed more time in the oven but I didn't (don't) have the patience and will to continue with that stuff. It was a fulfilling experience.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Looks elaborate. Is it some kind of gothic cathedral?

      • 4 weeks ago

        Not my Pic, just a Doom wad pic I borrowed from twitter

  24. 4 weeks ago

    >can block and script a map in a few hours
    >arting a map takes weeks
    someone make an AI for this

  25. 4 weeks ago

    im trying to figure out how to make quake 3 skins (models) but im having trouble finding documentation or guides. i have some blender experience. i also want to learn how to make maps.

    Some people have made cool gundam themed player models and id like to make a map which is a miniature city scaled so with gundam deathmatches the environment looks right.

  26. 4 weeks ago

    some gmod mod edits and some vehicles from a building game

  27. 4 weeks ago

    i have done work, credited and uncredited, on zombie master maps. thank god none of the terrible, gimmicky crap made it into zombie master 2. i also used to make some pretty cool minecraft skins for friends back in the alpha days.

  28. 4 weeks ago

    >Always thought the layout of school would be so cool for paintball
    >Discover half-life map maker
    >Make the floorplan of the school
    >Talk to a couple buddies that have the game
    >Distribute map
    >Play a few rounds and have a good time
    >Motivates me to refine the map
    >Rinse and repeat while slowly gaining more players
    >Eventually a teacher wonders what we are all discussing and trading
    >Teacher freaks out thinking someone is training everyone for a school shooting
    >Short investigation as to the source of the map. Admit I made it not thinking it's a big deal.
    >Branded as a potential school shooter that's about to snap
    >Suddenly have millions of meetings with staff, police, and therapists
    >Honestly never wanted to shoot up the school. School was just laid out to have lots of interesting little areas for shootouts in a video game
    >The only person that believes me is the therapist who tells everyone I wasn't a threat.
    >No one believes the therapist
    >Begin cycling through therapists before one agrees I'm about to snap and kill everyone
    >Piles so much meds on me that I tuen into a zombie that just kind of drifts around
    >Grades slump
    >Barely graduate
    >Finally stop taking the drugs
    >Can barely even remember high school
    >Now in my mid 30s
    >Parents still don't seem to believe me that I never wanted to hurt anyone
    Just the one map, OP. Just the one.

  29. 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, I made tons of shit for Red Alert 2, Warcraft 3, and Doom.

  30. 4 weeks ago

    I made a Doom 2 map of my high school when I was younger and edgier.

    Before that I was really into Spore Galactic Adventures. I loved how you could use the rudimentary AI system with tiny bugs to create more complex behaviors, kind of like voodoo dolls in Doom. I even won a contest and got to fly over to the EA headquarters to meet some guys from Maxis. I made the winning galactic adventure with a partner, but he was banned for a Spore creature of Hitler and he was never brought up again.

  31. 4 weeks ago

    Not for about ten years.

  32. 4 weeks ago

    I've made some Quake maps. They're fun to make, and it's satisfying to frag your buds in them once you're done.

  33. 4 weeks ago

    the little hand holding the rocket launcher is making my knees weak

  34. 4 weeks ago

    best quake 3 maps and skins? anything to share? i fucking love loading random skins into this game. its just fun.

  35. 4 weeks ago

    Made stuff for a few games over the years
    >warcraft 3 custom maps
    >neverwinter nights campaigns
    >some maps for a small indie game called knytt stories
    >medieval 2 mods
    >total war warhammer 2 mods (with like 200k subs)
    All under different names

  36. 4 weeks ago

    I'm working a Doom megawad, but considering that most of the community are troons and homosexuals, it will be skipped over, because I'm not in the cool kids club.

    • 4 weeks ago

      i thin if you make a good enough one people will recognize it. like how lots of people here lurk but dont post much

  37. 4 weeks ago

    I've edited .cfg files. Which is the absolute bare minimum in 'modding'

    Zoomers today don't even know how to that though, the amount of retards I've had to talk through in making the comandline.ini for GTAIV here, and in the steam forums in mind boggling

  38. 4 weeks ago

    Heh, oh the irony

  39. 4 weeks ago

    Used to make packs of stuff for Action Quake 2 mainly consisting of new soundsets / new gun sounds for all the guns, and small bits of code like a crosshair that was wide normally and went small when you held crouch. I did that before it was commonplace. you could call me a pc hipster

  40. 4 weeks ago

    I worked for a company that makes Minecraft skins in the official store.
    It was fun, albeit monotonous. Several of them got top listed.

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