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  1. So we all know Shinji is Anno’s self insert, does that mean Anno at one point in his life felt like he might have been gay, or at the very least is bisexual? I think that a certain film with certain homosexual overtones made me ask certain questions about a certain man.

  2. Evangelion would never work as a game because the fanbase still thinks it is a series about giant robots and jerking off.
    New films are kino and better than the anime. Weebs were literally handed kino on a silver platter and slap it away because they just want scenes of Shinji being a "badass"

  3. […]

    Rebuild doesn’t have Magma Diver, Jet Alone or that early episode that’s 90% Shinji walking around doing nothing, it wins by default.

    Only EOE is 1000% untochable kino, and Anno took most of the same serious tone DNA into the remakes 1.0 and 2.0 as well as the completely new stuff in 3.0 and 4.0 after the timeskip.

      • [spoiler]
        >Shinji literally mans the fuck up and attains godhood
        >he can do ANYTHING now
        >he decides to go visit the real EoE Asuka
        >"Yeah I liked you too bitch. Say hi to Kenken for me."
        I am beyond fucking mad at Anno for that last 20 minutes.

        • >[spoiler]>Shinji literally mans the fuck up and attains godhood
          >>he can do ANYTHING now
          >>he decides to go visit the real EoE Asuka
          >>"Yeah I liked you too bitch. Say hi to Kenken for me."
          wait, gimme a synopsis of what actually happens in the last few minutes, I’m never gonna watch it so don’t worry about spoilers

          • [spoiler]
            Gendo becomes Lord of the Keikaku and activates the Third Impact, the Fourth Impact, and the MOTHERFUCKING ADDITIONAL IMPACT all at once. Shinji acts horribly depressed for the first half of the movie, but ReiQ gives him the pep talk of a lifetime and gets him on his feet again, only for her to get Tang’d in front of him (Gendo did it on purpose to hurt Shinji because fuck you). Shinji then goes back to Misato, who stops being a grumpy cunt and gets her shit together, and they go to whoop Gendo’s ass. Shinji at a later point in the film goes god mode because various circumstances. Shinji then gets in the fucking robot of his own will, fights Gendo who is in 13, and eventually Gendo breaks down and explains his life story of how he was a depressed kid like Shinji but was saved by Yui, who then goes poof inside 01. This prompts Gendo to make a deal with the devil (SEELE) to get her back, at the cost of Tang.

            Turns out Gendo was fucking wrong, and Yui was never in 01. She was instead inside Shinji, which is why he could never find her. Shinji then foils Gendo’s plan with her help, and then goes to save everyone. Asuka is pulled off the EOE beach and sent back to reality. Rei (real Rei from 1.0 and the TV series) is sent back to reality. Shinji then sits alone in the void, content to just disappear, but Mari pulls him out and saves him. Mari then wins the Shinjibowl and pisses everyone off.

            Note this summary skips over all the massive amounts of 2deep4u and "what the fuck is that" Biblical references.

          • sounds like the story was better off disconnected from the original plot an should have stayed in the future of the rebuilds. did you like the movie? was it any good?

          • Not him, but I really liked all of the new Evangelion films. They’re literally a sequel to all of the originals. Everything is canon. It is both a retelling of the story, and the continuation. The entire thing is about Shinji (Anno) breaking out of the cycle of remaking Evangelion.

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