49 thoughts on “here’s your G4, bro”

  1. >somehow dodges the eleven billion complaints people have about the game
    >uh well if you have kids and a job playing games might be hard

    this is just depressing

    • >watching Arena
      >They’re playing mech warrior
      >Some guy tries to make a diversion by SDing to let the other guy capture the flag
      >It doesn’t fucking work because why would it
      Looking back it was a pretty dumb move but at the time I thought it was really inventive and cool

  2. >Adam Sessler in 2021
    >His only schtick is "I’m an old gamer and I did things that are irrelevant"
    cool, more fond youthful memories dredged up and lit on fire for a quick buck

    • This. All he had to do was:

      >actually play fucking videogames
      >actually construct a decent review
      >stop trying to make a joke every other sentence
      >stop hoping nostalgia alone will carry you

      I figured this revival would suck ass.

      • Is TV totally dead now? I remember I would watch Spike TV just for G4 skits and MXC, but now there’s a billion skit youtube channels and MXC is on twitch

        • It’s in trouble when they found out younger generations are just watching streaming services. Most cable companies now only advertise it’s internet plans

  3. Be honest Ganker: G4 were always casuals and you found them cool just because seeing your niche hobby discussed on tv was novel at the time, right?

  4. all his pros and cons are broad sweeping generalizations and his plot summary sounds like he is reading the wiki entry, did he play the fucking game? Why is his face so red?

  5. Wow, this is awful. Nonstop extremely unfunny "jokes" and his review barely even touches on the game design or how it plays.

    >half the review is just a summary of the game’s plot
    >biggest complaint is "if you have a kid or a job it might be hard finding time to play"
    >says the card system is "super cool"…and nothing else
    >unique and memorable characters
    >"feels a bit too samey"
    >fish eye camera constantly zooming up his coke nostrils
    >"the best gun customization we’ve ever seen…if you like guns, that is

  6. It’s perfect. The Sess doing boomer rants into a camera is all I could ever ask for, short of having a time machine to bring Morgan Webb circa 2003 in a bikini to stand next to him.


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