54 thoughts on “Hey Ganker have you played Wasteland 3? It’s by far the best modern CRPG. I finished it last week …”

  1. How does Wasteland 3 compare to Wasteland 2? Is it the same game but in a new setting or does it have any significant changes?

    • I enjoyed 3 much more. It is tightly-packed and punchy where 2 was a fucking slog. The game’s also buggy as shit and the second DLC is a horrible waste of time, don’t touch it.

  2. The game is kinda on the short side for a CRPG and was really easy even on the highest difficulty. Armor practically didn’t matter but why would it if you can just revive people every turn turning your medic into a fucking murder machine? Plus I really hated some dumbshit mechanics like having to wait to use your skill books at level 9 in order to not waste skill points. They should have just shifted your skill point costs down a point after using it and be done with it.

  3. >play wasteland 2
    >1st decision [ag center] or [high pool]
    >pick chad center
    >high pool gets gangraped
    acceptable loss.

    >get to RSM prison
    >garden gnome tries to force his laws on me
    >justified self defense
    >proceed to gentrify the test of the RSM
    >get to the actual prision
    >tee hee you cant get in because muh plot guns that instant kill you, guess you totally ruined the story here teehee.
    You can literally only properly play this game in a rigid series of events unless you want to be scroteed by bullshit. Fuck gaysteland 2.

  4. >It’s by far the best modern CRPG.
    its really not

    I beat it recently as well and it was underwhelming at best. the combat is sorta fun but thats all it had going for it and you break it pretty early

  5. loved it, real spiritual sequel to the fallouts i knew and loved growing up

    that said my stupid morality kept me from having a great time. Ended up saving Flab the inhaler since I liked their horror themed gang only to find out later in a cassette that theyre horrible torturous murderers.

    Been having a real tough time with the synths. Ive read that if you played part 2 you should kill all synths since they seek nothing else but murder but man, that one synth with the kids voice…

  6. lots of fun mechanically speaking, I enjoyed making an absolutely op squad (repeat sniper, explosive smg scientist, explosive autoshotty guy, chainsword melee’r etc…)

    they kinda overdid it with the miserywank ‘muh consequences’ bit imo, sort of loses impact when every outcome is hamfistedly tragic and grimdark

    very memorable gameplay, mostly forgettable characters and plot (other than the monster army fat dracula guy who was kinda cool) felt like someone was just trying to make edgy fallout and overshooting too hard and it being cringe rather than poignant

    • >they kinda overdid it with the miserywank ‘muh consequences’ bit imo, sort of loses impact when every outcome is hamfistedly tragic and grimdark
      I achieved the perfect ending on my first playthrough without looking up guides, just using my head. Don’t do retarded shit like freeing a prisoner who eats mushrooms next to a poisoned corpse, don’t unstun a synth that tells you that it will kill again. The game spells out everything you need to know about every situation and it always make perfect sense.

      If anything it’s not hard enough. Nothing in Wasteland 3 comes close to discovering Fuk Shak in 2.

      • >ending
        lmao I’m not even talking about that, not even sure what’s considered the "best ending" (imo it’s the kill em all and take over one)

        a lot of the early game stuff like the "kill the bad kids" or all the >refugees shit and having to betray the reaganites is more of what I’m referring to, and after all of that back to back I just didn’t really bother caring anymore since everything is going to make someone mad or be tragic in some sense, maybe that’s the narrative goal? but it’s not like I was immersed into having to make tough decisions in a horrible world, it was like yeah ok whatever something bad’s gonna happen I’m not gonna worry about it too much, oh cool this is a nice weapon mod or skillbook I can finally futher tune this bro who can kill like 5 enemies in a single turn. It wasn’t immersive, it was dissociative. everything sucks so who cares, the combat and optimization mechanics took center stage, really fucking hard; while in a lot of other crpg-ish things I did find myself caring about the plot and characters a lot more

        • mate, you’re playing as a squad of Rangers, making tough decisions is your job. You don’t "betray" the Reaganites, you were never on their side – they were the ones who betrayed the Patriarch. You clearly didn’t pay attention to anything, no wonder you didn’t get immersed.

  7. Got bored of the game after 5 hours or so, not really sure why
    Everything seemed to work fine, might be me not wanting to micromanage a whole squad

  8. >I’ll drive a million miles
    >To be with you tonight
    >So if you’re feeling low
    >Turn up your radio
    >Everybody have fun tonight

  9. Great rpg, made better by coop. Put on «Harder skillchecks» by mistake and it made the game better. Conflicted on the respec option, one hand great to save myself from really bad builds as I learn the stats, but it let us build the party in a way we could do every single skillcheck in the last third of the game.

    Really apriciate you can finish the game almost any way you see fit: just doing the job, overthrowing Patriarch, turn on Deth, abandon Arizona, Regeanites, Machine collective etc.

    And I love any game that treat LMGs as more than just weaker assault rifles with bigger magazines.

    «Blood of the lamb» and «Batlle hymn of the Republic» is still hauntingly good. Yet to play the dlcs.

  10. Did they add the last third of the game that was obviously missing/mostly unfinished?
    Or fix dumbshit like removing skill books for the skills they removed in the last, unfinished areas?
    Or the Liberty ending that was almost completely scrapped? (ended up as a fade-to-black)

  11. Nah.
    With that said, to its merit, I thought it would completely woke garbage fire and it wasn’t all that really.
    For the most part the fact the best ending was actually aiding with the Patriarch, made me somewhat respect the game.

    • >With that said, to its merit, I thought it would completely woke garbage fire

      Eh? Why? Wastelands aren’t like that at all.

  12. Started playing it, pretty good thus far. I like that I can kill so many people, or at least that I’m given the option to.

  13. Just restarted another playthrough for the dlc but stopped after the opening mission. Just cant into it right now but the game is amazing
    Really didnt like that you could just make gun / armor mod slaves though at no cost.

    • Finished it some days ago, felt guilty that, and I guess is no spoiler, that choosing to establish a base there apparently is like telling Arizona to fuck off, I thought it was about expanding here and not leaving everything behind.

      Haven’t done the Holy detonation DLC yet, I was quite powerful with my brother’s team at the end, wonder if we would have been OP with the experience from that, I dunno how the other difficulties scale.
      Sniper with Death wish is great even if they die often, is worth it for being able to shoot twice.

      Lots of decisions, make many saves, they introduce a weapon class that at 10X of what it causes stuns so is like a no kill but when I tried using them elsewhere it did not work, wasted opportunity but of course that would have meant a loads more variables.

      Fuck that synth loving Blue.


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