1. >uber ready
    >my shitty internet connection thinks its the perfect time to make my ping skyrocket
    >every single time
    I hate being fucking poor

  2. I’d rather get damage immunity from the Hand of God card in Artifact.

    Valve screwed over the Artifact fanbase by cancelling the Artifact 2.0 beta without even allowing users to invite friends like they said they would in January and does not deserve your financial support for these gross consumer-unfriendly practices.

  3. Do sprays still exist in TF2? I remember learning about Yoruichi from a spray when I was a snot nosed kid and she became one of my most fapped characters thanks to it. Meatspin gifs and other classics were pretty memorable too.

      • That’s a shame, but if it still exists on community servers then not too bad. A bigger shame is that a feature like sprays will never exist ever again in a vidya developed by a big developer. Any spray system in future games will be sterile, boring and moderated by the dev to avoid social media backlash.

  4. >Turbine 2-2
    >Nobody guards the intel except me and this useless fuck Friendly Heavy
    >Enemy comes and killed me, the fat fuck still crouching with sandvich like a retard refusing to help
    >Called him a useless idiot
    >Him replying with childish insults
    I fucking hate friendlies so much like you wouldn’t believe

  5. >Absolutely annihilate 9/12 of the enemy team
    >die fighting the remaining 3
    >the other 10 people on my team still don’t cap

  6. >get ubered as scout
    >oh god oh fuck
    >nvm he popped it because everyone else died and i have 2 seconds
    can fellow scout mains confirm if this has happened to them as much as it did to me

    • >decide to do a push against a nest with a soldier as medic
      >he dies to random crocket
      >try to pocket heavy
      >enemy team coming to kick my ass
      >all I have is a random spy who knows he has a revolver, pop it rather than die
      >shoots several people dead including engi, saps his shit and proceeds to butterknife a demo stuck in a corner to death with remaining Uber
      >we both proceed to laugh at them after.
      The stock revolver is more potent than people give it credit for.

    • Dude I’m a spy main and I love getting ubered/kritzed. I don’t care if I actually accomplish anything, I just love getting the chance to go hard and pretend to be a power class for a few seconds without having to worry about shit like rotations, cloak drain, pathing, and all the other bullshit that’s constantly in my head as spy.

  7. >I’m in the middle of reloading my rocket launcher
    >proceed to miss every single shot
    >my medic stares at me with complete disappointment and disgust
    >the enemy team kills both of us and proceeds to taunt


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