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  1. It’s still my headcanon, just because it gives Ultimecia more depth. As is, she’s kinda boring outside of the whole self fulfilling prophecy thing.

    • ???
      There is tons of interesting shit in FF8.
      >Seifer using Laguna’s "knight" stance from the movie Laguna stared in
      >Other SeeDs forgetting Squall and company and everyone constantly forgetting that one guy who was with them on the Dollet mission
      >The stuff with Odin and Gilgamesh and GM being from the FF5 universe
      >Everything with Laguna, Kiros, and Ward
      >The sercret underground research facility
      >The brodcast station picking up signals from Adel’s mind and spelling out things things like HELP ME on the neon sign in the background
      >The Gardens and SeeDs being a closed time-loop idea or self-fulfilling prophecy or whatever
      You probably only played half the game, got stuck and never finished it, because you didn’t understand junctioning, just like all the other haters.

      • Hey anon, can you tell me why Junctioning never came back?
        Or level scaling?
        Or spells as items?
        I’m dying to know why 9 and 10 completely abandoned all these mechanics that 8 suddenly introduced.

        • people are too dumb to read
          proof is even if there’s a simple tutorial, most people never bothered to learn how the game works so they all complain ”b-but drawing for an hour during a fight is dumb! GF’s are the strongest attack but the animations take too long!”
          GF’s are pretty weak in comparison to properly junctioned characters, you don’t have to draw shit, just turn enemies into cards and refine. Make sure your GF’s are learning the useful shit first, most people will not bother with this. Diablo can even turn off encounters, yet they still added a gay cheat code to turn em off anyway in the remaster. Because they know how absolutely braindead people are. People will grind levels and wonder why Ultimecia’s castle is impossible. Fine, go back to your grindy attack spam classic FF formula.

          Gay scrote retards

          • >most people never bothered to learn how the game works so they all complain
            >just turn enemies into cards and refine
            You don’t know to do this at the beginning of the game. If you aren’t aware that GFs can learn that ability then you’re spending a good chunk of the game drawing and using GF summons, homosexual

          • Shouldn’t take more than 1 disc to figure out
            yet most people reached the end until Ultimecia was practically impossible because they fucked their game
            which is why VIII is the only filter in the series, sucks to be you

          • I agree. The tutorial (very shoddily) only explains "how to" junction. Later explains GF abilities (poorly).

            The game never, ever goes into detail about just how powerful GF abilities are, the card ability, refining, or even the Boost function (holding select and mashing X during cutscenes). There is nothing that even hints towards these things. There is nothing a player would naturally "figure out" left alone with these things, and they will in fact do as anon said, Draw Draw Draw Draw Draw.

            A small example would be even looking at Boost’s description, which is…nothing. How are you supposed to figure out to hold down select and play an X button mini game? Very poor design.

          • So fucking true, lol. It’s been over 20 years and retards STILL say this dumb shit. I swear people who hate FF8 didn’t even try to understand anything and then blamed the game for their stupidity.

      • >Seifer using Laguna’s "knight" stance from the movie Laguna stared in
        >The stuff with Odin and Gilgamesh and GM being from the FF5 universe
        >The brodcast station picking up signals from Adel’s mind and spelling out things things like HELP ME on the neon sign in the background
        Only those three that you listed are cool. The rest is why the game is retarded

      • Not that anon, but one that has beaten 8 and did most of the side content.

        8’s story starts strong and ends like a fart. It is not hidden knowledge that the writers wanted at least 6 more months of polishing the story before even considering release but Square pushed it out early. It becomes very, very obvious at the beginning of Disc 3, where the entire story goes to shit and unravels.

        While there is "interesting" things, it’ll never be explored and only left to fan interpretation. While that can be a good or fun thing while intentional, this clearly was not. It was simply rushed, the story duct taped together as fast as seemingly possible before any of the "interesting" things could really fit together, let alone the main story.

        That being said I like 8 for what it is, but please refrain from kindergarten insults when someone points out the inherit and gleaming flaws in a very rushed ps1 game.

          • 7 and 8 were, in fact, rushed. This is not an insult but a fact, 7 in particular to meet ps1’s launch, and I’m not entirely sure why 8 was rushed. 9 felt much more complete and had a solid beginning, middle, and end. 6 was also fantastic storytelling, but of course that was snes era.

            10 is 10, not rushed but certainly weird and dumb at times.

          • It doesn’t matter if it was boring or if you didn’t like the story in itself, it’s just the matter of completion in terms of development. 9 felt very complete and polished compared to 8 and 7.

            It’s story of course is subjective and you’re entitled to hate it.

  2. >On the theory that Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa is really Ultimecia:

    >“No, that is not true,” Kitase said. “I don’t think I’ll incorporate that even if we do remake the game. But that being said, both Rinoa and Ultimecia are witches, so in that sense they are similar, but they’re not the same person.”

    >Yoshinori KItase, FF8 director, story concept, system designer, event scene direction


    • Yeah, sure. Ultimecia GF has the name of Squall’s ring that Rinoa got at the Garden battle, but they are not the same person.

      • >he doesn’t know that ultimecia draws griever from squall’s mind and literally tells the party that the stronger he thinks it is the stronger it becomes
        ohnononono anon what are you doing

    • Kazushige Nojima was the main writer as far as I know. Yohinori Kitase was only a director. Yeah, he was involved in "story concepts", but how much weight does his opinion really carry when it comes to the overall plot?

  3. It makes alot of sense with the far fetched theory crafting. She was revealed to be a sorceress but we didn’t really see her powers which was implied shifting between time or restoring bodies to a time. IE crying over a dead squall bringing im back at the end and somehow not disappearing during the compression of time even though she was never apart of those memories.

  4. I wonder how thick the burka is going to be they put on Riona and the reduction in Qurtis’ fat ass they are going to make for Sony?


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