78 thoughts on “How come Yosuga no Sora doesn’t have the same level popularity of other VNs like Fate Stay Nigh…”

  1. You are retarded. I have no idea what the fuck that is and even if i did it wouldn’t matter

    >it’s porn
    >but it’s heroes of the past fighting under masters’s orders with magics and whatever to get the saint graal
    >shitty, but unique artstyle

    >science fiction
    >all about time travel, its effects and consequences, and how to manipulate it
    >mediocre, but unique artstyle

    >it’s porn
    >uuuh there’s incest and that’s it
    >look like every other porn VN of whatever year, characters included

    I haven’t read ANY of these and even i would know what NOT to read.

  2. Because it’s just a generic romance VN with incest and a sexy anime? S;G and FSN had more serious story elements too them which helped them become more popular.

  3. Regardless of what Ganker thinks, incest isn’t a marketable fetish. Questioning why a literal fetish VN isn’t as popular as kamige like F/SN is retarded.

  4. Twins or roughly the same age > older sister / younger brother >= younger sister / older brother > normalcy > mom / son > dad / daughter

  5. I’ve always wondered why japan media still keep support incest shit

    I thought their government want people to populate not the other way around

  6. >shitty translation
    >haruka no sora never ever
    >there are better incest vns and manga
    >the anime is good but omnibus format format takes away from it so it can’t replace oreimo despite being vastly better
    >no infinite reboots and spinoffs like fate
    >too extreme for steins normalhomosexuals
    >only 1 girl stands out

  7. >why isn’t a generic romance VN where you can fuck your sister as popular as the VN that has battle royale with historical figures or the VN where a dude builds a time machine out of a toaster
    gee whiz anon I wonder why

  8. Because the translation is a mtl meme and they’re editing/qc like 4-6% per year. So even these who cared about it watched the anime and forgot about the translation for good.


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