18 thoughts on “How did Eggman know it was a fake emerald?”

    • Because Sonic was the true end result of the Ultimate Lifeform project, and Shadow was another failed prototype (at least that was the original vision, as betrayed by Shadow saying he thinks the true ULF is Sonic in the final battle, and Sonic’s penultimate line as he ponders "created… the ultimate life form…")

  1. >Manages to outrun Sonic who can easily run 3 times faster than the speed
    >Frequently survives explosions, including the destruction of his Egg Carrier and other vehicles.
    >Created multiple robots such as the E-Series, Mecha Sonic, G-merl, Shadow Androids, and Metal Sonic
    >Outsmarted Tails, who is stated to be smarter than Eggman
    >Infiltrated Prison Island twice; one of the largest GUN barracks in the world. His second invasion allowed him to steal the 3 Chaos Emeralds and blow up the island.
    >Beats Sonic in a dance-off
    >Somehow captured Ezio Auditore [1]
    >Physically strong enough to destroy a wall of ice with a couple of punches
    >Blew up half of the moon with the Space Colony Ark.
    >In Sonic X he rebuilt the moon to create an endless solar eclipse.
    >Created his own empire, metropolis, and an army of robots.
    >Survived a fall from a cliff
    >Strong enough to break a pin pong table in half with a single swing
    >Fast enough to dodge laser fire from five different opponents at once
    >Formulated numerous world dominating schemes and awakened many eldritch abominations
    >Conquered the world at the end of Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood.
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