50 thoughts on “How do I git gut at this? I keep getting my ass kicked.”

  1. First of all learn to just avoid damage. That shit adds up especially by the third area.
    What I do is I always make sure I have a utility wand that has a drill or black hole on it so I can GTFO anywhere (drill is very useful to me once you get to the jungle, you can just zoom around underground while going up occasionally to grab gold).
    Then look into how double spells work, add chainsaws, triggers, etc.

  2. >142 hours
    >3 wins
    >never even done any of the wilder shit like parallel worlds or going to the moon etc
    I’m really fucking bad at this game, but every week I still boot it back up to regret everything all over again.

  3. >Got to the boss on my second run just rushing through and getting no damage bonuses
    >Jumped into lava because I didn’t know what I was doing
    And ever since then I’ve chased the high of the zero damage rush

      • There’s only a bonus for not killing enemies. You get a chest for it in each holy mountain.

        There’s also bonus endings for getting to the boss pacifist, and getting to the end room pacifist.

      • Both, but I will sooner take a little damage than be forced to cause damage, and without godly perk rolls getting through any layer unharmed at any kind of pace becomes a crawl, it’s about the thrill of screaming through the path of least resistance while your enemies try to get a bead on you.

  4. Get the Spell Lab mod. It’s pedagogic af and even has ‘achievements’ and shit, makes learning the spell mechanics a minigame.

  5. -be patient
    -learn what your spells and the enemies can do (this is usually the part that gets you killed)
    -learn how to build wands, especially spell wrapping
    -be patient

  6. i fucking love this game!
    60 hours in and only managed to "finish" it twice 🙁
    by finish i mean kill the last boss.
    now im just exploring all the extra unlocks and quests

    Ganker thank you so much for bringing this pearl to my life, its soooo good!

    • Early game you just shoot the best thing you have with the fastest wand you have, chainsaws are OP, luminious drill is OP, high mana recharge wands are OP, reading this wiki page is OP

  7. Use the checkpoint respawn mod, it will give you a safer environment to practice in until you know what’s good/bad. It’s basically training wheels

  8. Experiment with spells and explore as much as you can. You can make really strong combos with really shit spells if you need to. Trigger bolt is your friend.

    Also play extremely cautiously. If you can see what’s ahead of you and know what it does you should be able to avoid damage. There isn’t really a time limit so play it safe.

    • Should I explore the first areas as much as possible as well, or is it better to just save time on them and move on, since they only have very basic wands anyway?
      Also any tip on potion usage? I pretty much only use water to put myself out of fire, when would I use the polimorph or the one that teleports you randomly?

      • The first floor is of limited value, get like 400 gold, the tablet and anything else on the way and move to the second.
        The tablet on the right of the first area gives double gold from anything it kills, it’s very useful.
        If you get through without losing too much health, it might be smart to save the health refill for later so you get more mileage out of exploring the second area longer.
        Potions have a variety of uses that you just learn to pick up over time, even the bad ones are good in that they offer you an opportunity to shift the contents in them into something completely different using fungal shifts, which you might want to look up yourself.
        Noita is a game of experimentation and exploration, don’t play safe and always try new shit and you’ll eventually learn a lot of the tricks.

        • first floor is very profitable if you know what you’re doing. You can leave with 1200 and 1-3 extra HP pick-ups. On rare occasions, you can even climb the mountain, grab 3 more HP pick-ups, three more tablets which can become gold if you take them to the mountain altar, and a really strong wand in the pyramid.

          • Yeah most people don’t have enough time to do something so mindnumbing every single time but you go for it

          • eh, you trade time for more consistent runs. What’s better, 2-3 good runs or 8-10 that don’t make it past the snowy depths? Seems like personal preference to me.

          • How much consistency are you getting out of 1000 gold, you can make that much far quicker later and health pickups aren’t even guaranteed to spawn.
            If I’m really putting my time in I’d rather do it somewhere I know there is a lot of good potions and possibility of chainsaws and drills.

          • >health pickups aren’t even guaranteed to spawn
            4 of them are. The one under the tree, the one at the mountain altar, the one on top of the pyramid, and the one you get from killing the pyramid boss.

            The point of getting a lot of gold is to be able to re-roll your perks if you have to.

          • That’s great but if you can’t genuinely spend the start of every game going to the pyramid and back, that’s insanity

          • It’s better to invest that time in going to fungal and have a chance of finding wands that can last to vault or temple.

          • if you get chaotic poly, you can get ~250,000 gold in the first level
            [spoiler]Get over mountain. Go all the way to the east wall beyond the pyramid. Climb the wall until you get to the big floating diamond. Use chaotic poly repeatedly until you turn into a medium worm, a big worm, or a hell worm. Dig up and left at a 45 degree angle till you hit gold.
            There should be ~250k gold in there.[/spoiler]

      • First area is good to explore, but if you go all the way to the left in the second area you’ll find a place with stronger enemies and better potions. Go there if you need a power boost but play carefully.

        Potions are a mixed bag, but here are the main tips I remember.

        >Always want a water potion. It cleans stains and helps neutralize toxic sludge. It also turns lava into rock which you can stand on.
        >Mana potions are pretty good, and a drop of concentrated Mana will turn water into more mana. Also it melts metals.
        >Teleportatium is useful in a pinch but not always the most reliable. Use it to escape dangerous situations or in the secret shop in the 4th level.
        >Ambrosia negates ALL forms of damage, but it dries quickly if you are moving. Use this to make a little puddle of safety or for parallel worlds.
        >Polymorph and it’s unstable variety are fairly situational. You can use it to escape holy mountains without triggering a collapse or you can turn a enemy into something easier to kill. Using unstable poly has the chance to turn ya into a Worm and will let you dig easier.
        >If you have a dangerous potion, throwing it at the enemy is always an option.


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