51 thoughts on “How do you find games to play? I’m all out and bored as FUCK! Retards with no standards need no…”

  1. >How do you find games to play?
    1. go to /wsr/ or Ganker
    2. ask for recomendation
    example: "hello i like videogames like [game] and other [game genre], please rec me some others like this

  2. I just play them. If I don’t like it, I stop.
    There are plenty of older games you’ve never touched, and shit that flew under your radar.

  3. Here you go, Luck Be a Land Lord. It’s a slot machine gambling game and you have to make enough money to pay rent or it’s game over. I played it a few months back.

  4. I hate modern games with politics crammed into every crevice
    fuck that shit, you get enough american politics the moment you watch any media these days

  5. I’m gonna recommend my 5 most favorite games in no specific order. Nostalgia warning!

    1) Little Big Adventure 2 (LBA2), my favorite game ever. Still play it every now and then.
    2) Ape Escape 1. All of them are pretty good but the first game is special to me.
    3) Monkey Island 3. Introduced to me by fun neighbor who liked me very much… too much…
    4) Tiberian Sun. It was super popular for some reason in my neighborhood. We had nod vs gdi pretend fights
    5) Doom 2. There was a massive "games are making evil kids" scare in my town but one of my friends had an awesome dad that allowed us to secretly play games in the break-room at his car repair shop.

    • I have the same problem. I like games that have these things
      1. Lots of replayablity
      2. Lots of room to grow either as a player or your character
      I don’t like spreadsheet sims (JRPG) and MP shit because the cons outweigh even those factors that I like.

      • consider roguelikes, which come in varying degrees of ultragrognard to "literally for children," and their bastard children the roguelites. some of them can be a little spreadsheet-ish, but a lot of them art and they basically accel at replayability and room to grow, both as a player and your character. i think i’d recommend nethack, elona, and tales of maj’eyal for more classic roguelike experiences (all can be gotten for free). outside of that, you might consider things like one-way heroics or crypt of the necrodancer.

        • I already play them, can’t really into the ASCII ones though. I’ve already played the ones I like to death and no new ones have really caught my eye recently

          play nioh 2

          Already played it to death

          • have you tried cogmind? it’s relatively recent. alternatively, you could try something like devil daggers, which is a super short fps that’s basically a score attack, or STG/shmups. arcade-style games in general might be worth looking into, since they were designed to be replayable.

    • It’s easier to find one game which is addicting even when it stops being fun

      you’re the one who still has hope, you are the lucky one
      odds are OP and I haven’t played more games than you, we just enjoy them less


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