17 thoughts on “How does he keep getting away with it?”

  1. >new ShitizenCon
    >show a bunch of shit they are working on, along with some new JPEGs
    >boomer cultists pay for the JPEGs because they’re hyped about the stuff showed
    >that shit never comes out

    This has been the cycle for at least 7 years, there is no end to it. It’s fair to say that the devs tailor their schedule around ShitizenCon announcements, not actually releasing a product. That’s how they get paid. They can’t get new funding from Squadron 42 (since all these people buying the new JPEGs are already entitled to it) so that’s why it is not coming out.

    • definitely not enough to keep the attention of anyone i know that owns it. seems like everyone hops on it for a day or two every few months.

      • yeah, 30k disconnection every hour is a huge turn off.
        They have enough ships they just need to add some more interesting group contracts.
        I really enjoyed the xeno threat event when it worked.
        The ships need a lot more polish they keep adding more and more whilst dragging out fixing bugs on the ones that exist.

        When it clicks the game is interesting, closest to it is ED which is outdated at this point the latest expansions were a mess.
        Star citizen is a broken mess but they are slowly adding more interesting content.


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