20 thoughts on “How does the ending keep filtering out retards almost 5 years on?”

  1. Not just the ending but also the prologue. The prologue filters me.
    >prologue clearly shows that they were kidnapped
    >suddenly ending claims it was consensual and just for the show
    So which is it? I’m leaning to the prologue being the truth, in the end the villains would just lie and justify themselves anyway. But it’s not very satisfying, I wouldn’t say it’s a great ending or anything

    • They consent to the murder game, get their memories changed to be normal high school students and then the prologue happens. they redo the prologue because they forgot to give them memories of being ultimates iirc.

  2. V3’s ending has nothing to do with the Danganronpa franchise as it exists in real life. There is no commentary. It’s literally just a fucking game.


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