28 thoughts on “how does this make you feel?”

  1. It doesn’t matter. It’ll only take 1 mediocre expansion for all the shills to go back to riding its dick and pretend it’s the best thing thing since bread. Reminder we were in this same situation prior to Legion, then Legion came out (an awful expansion preying on nostalgia glasses) and everyone went back to shilling it and it only slowed down recently after several shit expansions and all the controversies.

  2. Nothing.
    I will never understand the freaks who care about companies playerbases or gacha banner incomes.
    Absolute fucking freaks.

  3. Nothing. Haven’t purchased a blizzard product since heart of the swarm. All these stories, allegations, and game changes coming out of blizzard has been the gift that keeps on giving. I’m glad they’re burning because I would have considered doing it myself if they weren’t already on fire.

  4. Blizzard deserves to be driven into the fucking ground violently
    And I say this as someone who’s favorite game is WC3
    Fuck them


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