58 thoughts on “HTC disappoints yet again with another shitty VR headset.”

  1. it’s made for soccer moms to do yoga or whatever and boomers to watch movies/do meetings, not for gaming.

    It’s pretty good at that, being easy to wear, small and lightweight.

  2. The Vive Flow is dead on arrival. Who fucking asked for this? It’s blown out of the water by the Quest 2 and the quest is $200 cheaper

    HTC is fucking retarded

    • Who is this supposed to cater to? Women doing Yoga? VR Players can’t use it and will buy the cheaper Quest. Normies won’t pay 500 for clunky phone vr with tether. Idk who is the market for this.

  3. I thought this was 2B’s ass for a second there.

    I suppose that’s the extent of how desensitized i have become to this site now.

    • >thinking your brain’s pattern recognition capabilities are bad
      you should be thankful it directly associated to a nice looking ass, if anything

  4. vive pro 2 seems like it’s actually worth a buy to me, possibly paired with Index controllers. not this ugly junk though. Why make a new headset that can play NONE of the existing vr games.

    >t. reverb g2 user

          • Yeah whatever but I’m talking about other headsets taking on the idea. It solves the one downside of inside-out tracking.

          • You need a fuckton of bandwith to send video feeed 24/7 anon, and I don’t have the bandwith, literally I don’t have fiber. Guess what, the ocucklus works still fine.

            Yeah, I would notice video feed being transmitted, homosexual. Hell, I notice the silliest of things, like a youtube music video.

          • >They’re recording yoooooooou!
            You’d think in the 5 years since the Rift came out, somebody would have some proof of this actually happening. Not just paranoid speculation and "They COULD"

            Like yeah, the data collection is real but it’s just anon data of what shit you play, same as steam and every other service. Thinking a company is putting the money, staff and legal risk to collect and curate images of random people is lunacy.

  5. Why do you homosexuals keep posting about new HTC Vive headsets on the VIDEO GAMES board when they’ve stopped making VR headsets focused on VIDEO GAMES??


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