60 thoughts on “I did it :D”

    • >san ferrio having those gangs of blue vagos, vietnamese and triads
      >could have lifted the gang warfare to continue on with helping woozie establish themselves proper before taking on salvatore and his lot.

  1. >that one turf that is so tiny and has barely any gang members
    >the waves become literally impossible to defeat because the gang spawns on top of you

    • >81 Years Too Late
      Spend 24 hours on foot in the countryside (looking for Big Foot).
      Holy fuck these achievements are tedious.


  2. Nice!
    There are some weird gang territories not in the city itself, if I recall…
    There’s at least one more by the lighthouse in san fierro

    • after the first part of the game you have to go on the run and all the territory (green areas of the map) you took over gets reset
      Yes I spoilered a 17 year old game.

    • there’s side content called gang wars where you can fight other gangs in the game to take over territory. As shown by the picture he fought all the purple and yellow gangs to replace them with his green gang, which takes a pretty long time as there are many more sections of territory than the map really implies when it’s all one colour. However he did this at an early point of the game and later after a particular story mission he will be kicked out of the starting city and have all the territory reset, forcing him to do it again.

  3. Nice job
    I did a thing recently too
    Was playing in HD resolutions with all bugs fixed and music restored, probably better then the official re-release will be.

  4. Any cool youtube vids about these PS2 GTA games? Would like to see one of my favorite youtube reviewers make a vid on any of them. Some kind of modern perspective. I am playing GTA 3 and having fun rn.


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