I want to stop playing Civilization IV.

I want to stop playing Civilization IV.
I feel dirty for adding even more hundreds of hours to a 16 yo game, but what else can I do? Nothing else seems to fit my urges.
Tried Civ5: it’s way too slow and dull. I hate all the changes.
Tried Endless Legend: it’s ok I guess, I just wish it happened on Earth.
How is Humanity, compared to Endless Legend?

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  1. How do I stop playing Romans in Civ4? The slingshots they can do by tree cutting and their UU are too fucking good. Any other strategies similar to that?

  2. okay lads, I’ve never played a Civ game. I like SRPGs with units and stuff, but not RTS all that much.
    Which game would be the best choice for attempting to overcome being a brainlet?

  3. Civ 4 is also the best OST wise. 5-6 they went balls deep on music based on the different civs and all that meant was you that you heard that same shit for a long period of time, not to mention if you only play with a few civs it will get repetitive soon. Meanwhile 4 has some of the best songs ever made by mankind that fit the appropriate ages of the game.

  4. >putting your cities so close together they can’t get full tile utilization around them
    might b time to play something else lad

  5. Never played Civ 4 so I don’t know how good it is.
    Civ 5 is not that good. The only way to play efficiently is to play tall.
    Civ 6 is ok by 4X standard, but it didn’t solve the late game issue where you just press next turn.
    Humankind is still filled with bugged and unbalanced culture. I’d wait a few more months to see how it goes.

  6. Things that I liked about Civ5:
    -Archeology & Tourism.
    -The elections for the next supreme leader.
    -Trade routes with caravans actually moving around and being fragile targets.
    -You can choose what kind of Great People you will get next time.
    -Leaders speak in their original languages. Ceaser speaks in latin with italian accent, the Inca also has peruvian accent, etc.
    -The "Gods and Kings" theme, sung by Jillian Aversa. When I got Brave New World I had to rename the mp3 so I could keep hearing it. I think I replaced the intro movie too.

    Things I disliked about Civ5
    -Making it a war game over an empire management game. This influences everything, including the hexagonal tiles, not being able to keep two war units in the same tile (enjoy your carpets of doom), fights no longer being battles to death and the game trying to crash your economy constantly to prevent you from getting too powerful (i.e, you have to pay every turn for the maintenance of roads).
    -Diplomacy makes no sense. Everybody will declare war on you because they want to. Reason? Realism.
    -No trading technologies because of realism.
    -Wonders are just pictures instead of movies like in Civ2, Civ4 or even fucking Alpha Centauri.
    -You can no longer zoom in your city to check in detail your buildings.
    -Civilopedia no longer has hyperlinks, something present from Civ2 when the World Wide Web became popular. How can you fuck up something like this!
    I could go on but I’m getting sad. I ended up reinstalling Civ4. I hate you all.

    • The things you liked about civ 5 are in 6. 6 is a direct improvement on 5 and competes with 4 as the best civ game. It has the best government and religion system and also has the best board to play on and better terrain tactics. Also city building.

    • Bullshit. I love Civ4 and consider it one of the greatest strategy games of all time (especially in multiplayer) and Civ6 was absolute dumbed down doghsit, just like Civ5.

  7. Civ 4 is a very complex game and hard to master. That’s why it’s so good though. You can play it for 10 years and still learn stuff. This is where 5 and 6 just dropped the ball completely. They’re so incredibly pedestrian compared to 4 when it comes to actual depth and strategy. 4 is a real strategy game whereas 5 and 6 are Sim Civ.

  8. How do I get into these kinds of games? I bought Stellaris because I fucking love space, and all I’m doing is letting bars fill up while I build stations slowly and staring at shitty menus.

      • >UGH I need something new guys
        >different bad
        >OTHER different bad

        >how about modding your favorite?

        Fuck off, you fucking retard.

      • If you’re playing with a Steam version instead of the original version, make sure you revert to the original version before modding. Right click the game in your library, go to properties, betas, and then "opt in" for the original release. A lot of mods cause serious problems on the Steam version.

      • for Civ 4
        Fall from heaven if you want a full fantasy conversion with spells, mythical units and shit, great lore too and Ashes from erebus (wich is a compilation of the original + the best submods) still gets updates to this day
        Rise of mankind a new dawn if you just want vanilla but with a shitload more units/buildings/promotions etc
        Realism Invictus if you want something different from vanilla flow but that still feels like you are playing Civ 4, Realism Invictus adds logictics penaltys wich give big stacks penaltys to their combat strenght/mobility the more units there are in a tittle, there’s an inmense amount of historically accurate units for each civ and it runs even better than the vanilla game while also looking far better too, if Fall from heaven didn’t exist it would be my favorite Civ 4 mod
        Caveman 2 cosmos is the biggest Civ 4 mod currently, maybe too big for its own good, you’ll probably get burned out of it before getting into the modern age, its based on Rise of Mankind 2.9 so most units it has are from it
        there’s also a Dune mod called planetfall
        for Civ V
        the only one i can think of is Vox Populi, the rest are barely worth mentioning

    • Civ4 killed two of the biggest enemies of civilization: corruption and riots.
      Corruption was originally a nuisance to prevent you from spreading relentless. Problem with that is that a level 1 city was still better than not having it, so flooding the continent with level-1 cities was a plausible strategy.
      Solution: replace corruption with Maintenance. A level-1 city founded in an already big empire WILL give you a big maintenance from the start, which means you’ll get less taxes etc. This means that new cities must be long-term investments, or give worth it for getting a strategic resource or a strategic location.
      As for cities rioting, it was replaced with unhappiness. If a city is unhappy, the number of unhappy population will just stop working their resource slot.

      • Also, pollution appearing everywhere is also replaced with unhealthiness.
        Health is similar to happyness, jungles and floodplains will give you diseases and overpopulation will make things worse.
        How to solve: aqueducts, granaries and similar "healthy" buildings will give you a bonus.
        How could I forgot: one of the best things in Civ4 is the government policies: no longer do you trade from monarchy to republic as in old civs. You don’t just keep adding more bonus like in civ5. In civ4 you make your own civic system from five different columns and it’s very typical to change it when starting a difficult war because you’ll want to trade some happiness for some military production.

    • IV is a great game.
      V is proto VI.
      VI is definitely worth a shot, if you like it you’ll love it. Otherwise, refund it asap. Unless you pirated it or whatever.

  9. Humankind feels like a modpack of Endless Legend. I also wouldn’t recommend it until Amplitude has fixed it so that Maker-civs aren’t so overpowered.

  10. Civ 4 is the best Civ by far, specially modded, only nostalgiahomosexuals prefer 3 or 2 over it and only retards pretend 5 is better, 6 is so shit its not even worth talking about

    • Games that are still competitively good more than a decade later have proven their enduring interest and quality.

      Time cleans up the trash.


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