21 thoughts on “If you had to eliminate one of the trinity, which would it be?”

  1. Dps
    Give the damage to healers and tanks and let them play single player confidently.
    Replace dps with a enchanter or support focused role that also gets damage.

    >This fixes
    open world design doesnt have to work exclusively for dps players
    Everyone contribuits to supporting the party as opposed to everyone supporting the dps
    Que times
    Roles can become more dynamic
    Gameplay design doesnt have to change much to make this work.

    • Lmao you think those fuckers who only play DPS and represent 70% of MMOs would want to have the ""responsibility"" of playing tank or healer or won’t just turn them into dps-lite?

  2. DPS
    Every role should be viable for doing damage, give everyone some role to do, even if not every fight require every role. Like any given class would have the potential for 3 roles, and you can only spec for 2 at a time
    Aggro holders
    damage mitigation
    crowd control
    thief/rogues/stealth kinda things

  3. Healers. Tanks would be reworked into srawing aggro and have numerous ways to self sustain or flat out negate attacks with proper micro. Then DPS would also need to be better players.

  4. >Healer symbol is the symbol for commerce
    >Healers always get parties
    >Parties tend to favour healers getting loot
    >Healers tend to be in a better financial position than other classes
    It all makes sense

  5. Tanks, this way fights are all about bouncing aggro between everyone so everyone has to pull their weight or you’re fucked.

    • the problem is that mmotards don’t actually want a game that you have to play like a real game. they just want to stare at bars filling and emptying while they piano their keyboard between gcds.

  6. Game like PSO2 tried to eliminate Healer AND Tank and make everyone a DPS with the "tank" being the biggest DPS of them all.

    While it somewhat worked I feel like at the end of the day it lacked depth.

      • Yeah but Et and especially Hu DPS aren’t high enough to get aggro, so instead of being a tank you would just survive longer than most.

        And I say that as someone who mainded Wand Et

  7. healers since then there would be minimal sustain and the fights would be focused on killing the enemies before they kill you


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