59 thoughts on “If you had to sum up the 2000s with just one video game, what would it be?”

    • Actually that was the style in the early/mid 2000’s. Gelled spiked up hair/messy gelled hair was popular back then. Nowadays you look retarded if you walk around with gelled up hair or spiky hair.

      I worked with a guy in 2009 who put like glue strength gel in his hair and walked around with super spiky blonde hair, his hair was bleached though, like it was super blonde.

      • >Actually that was the style in the early/mid 2000’s
        UGLY isn’t a style, it’s a characteristic you’re born with. I’m not talking about their hair. Look at their ugly fucking faces, scrunched up, retarded, doofy, indian. They’re UGLY. You can’t fix that and they’re mad about durrr conformity because they are UGLY.

    • This is the dumbest and funniest "meme" to come out of 2021. My best friend actually ran into people doing this at a bar. It shows how brain dead and divided our country truly is. Both sides are so wrapped up in culture wars that shit like this becomes a reality. Politics from 20 years ago almost seems civilized

        • I do Anon, I do. Though, at some point we need to actively admit we are fanning the flames too. We need to stop hating each other and being useful idiots for the main stream media, politicians and mega corporations. All we are is useful idiots for these people and their culture wars

          • that will never happened. reminder that since the media is vastly liberal and that liberals use it for confirmation bias to fuel the fire and same goes with conservatives. each side wants to be right. literally fucking impossible.

          • I think it’s possible. Even people in politics will admit how the culture of conversations has changed on Washington. People could disagree and have a beer after a huge debate, that just doesn’t happen anymore. I do think you are right though. People tune into the media (and politics) in general to be proven right, not to be challenged or positive change

  1. >friday evening 2001
    >school ends atound 3:00PM
    >hang out with the boys after school
    >ride our bikes for hours
    >get home
    >parents going out drinking again
    >wont be back till the next night
    >have pizza and snacks
    >me and younger bro play GTA 3 and just fuck around
    >watch some kino 2000’s movies after

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, was always pc masterrace, and never owned an xbox, it was halo 1 lan with buds. Possibly smash melee on cube.

  3. >Sum 41

    Based, and it’s a Canadian band. I’d say between Linkin Park, Sum 41, and Simple Plan. Those three bands comprised a lot of my high school and middle school playlist. God, I miss the early-mid 2000’s, so much SOUL and nostalgia.

      • I liked their music because I was a stereotypical emo depressed teenager in middle school and most of high school and they made a lot of sad depressing music.

        • middle school i can understand, because that’s the demographic simple plan markets to. but high school? really?

          did you listen to good charlotte past middle school too?

          • >Good Charlotte

            Only like 2-3 of their songs but I didn’t really listen to them in high school. I can’t remember a lot of what I listen to in high school. A lot of emo and sad bands. Three Days Grace was very popular among the emo girls.

  4. One of the many, many 3D action/adventure games where everything’s brown, which brought in the casual audiences and destroyed mainstream gaming forever. If I had to pick, maybe San Andreas because even the characters were brown in that one.


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