>Install campaigns for Halo CE, 2, and 3

>Install campaigns for Halo CE, 2, and 3
>Beat them in a little over a day
Thanks Microsoft and 343

They were pretty good, but each campaign got progressively worse over time. Halo 2’s campaign was good from a storytelling perspective, but the level design was atrocious (especially the one with the Arbiter where you sit around on the elevator while it descends) and the decision to add boss fights was a horrible idea. The flood levels in Halo 2 were trash compared to the ones in CE. Too many tight corridors and enclosed spaces.

3 didn’t have a whole lot of new ideas. Some levels like The Ark were just a mish mash off stuff already seen in the first game, like when you start the sniping section in Halo 3’s ark it’s basically the sniping level in the nighttime from Halo CE, or the part in Halo 3’s ark where you search for the map room, that’s the Silent Cartographer bit from Halo CE, vehicle sections in Halo 3’s ark felt like Halo 2’s delta halo campaign mission, etc. Very underwhelming. Needless to say the last mission where you have to save Cortana is poor with worse maze-like level design compared to Halo CE’s library

Halo CE was easily the best campaign

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  1. reach is far and away the best campaign

    >CE is pretty good but has a lot of identical shit and backtracking
    >the chief levels of 2 are amazing while the arbiter levels are dogshit
    >the earth levels of 3 are dogshit, theres a few levels at the end that are amazing
    >ODST is solid all throughout
    >4 is generally pretty meh. nothing as bad as cortana or the arbiter levels, but also nothing that really stands out other than maybe the last level
    >i blocked 5 out of my memory but from what i do remember the gameplay was pretty decent but the fucking story just ruins everything

  2. With the newest halo on the horizon, I’m playing the Masterchief collection for the first time this weekend. I’ve never played any halo games before. I’m on halo 2 right now and just got to level 10.

    These games are real mediocre, they’re only barely better than Gears of War (not the newest shit one with idpol in it fuck that).

    • They’re universally boring on sub-Legendary.
      Always play them on Legendary.
      If they’re still too easy, try LASO. It used to be that the skulls were secrets that you had to find before you could use them, but they give them all to you from the start in the MCC versions.

  3. Halo CE’s campaign will always feel the best to replay because the weapons feel amazing
    It’s not everyday that I would skip over picking up a Rocket Launcher because I’d rather have pic related instead

  4. pre-flood CE levels>non-flood 3 levels>non-flood 2 levels>odst>reach>any level with the flood>>>>>4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>5>>>>>>>>>>huge gap>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that one mod that added terminals to custom edition

  5. >CE campaign
    Yeah no, enjoy the Library’s 50 floors of the same thing. I’m going to play the actually good campaign of H3.

  6. I fucking hate CE, too. At some point I didn’t even know were to go because all the rooms looked exactly the same. I didn’t know if I was progressing or going backwards.
    Halo 4 has the best game structure, narrative and desing, but they fucked up everything else

  7. Halo 3’s campaign was one of the worst things Bungie ever made. That warthog run during the end of the game was embarrassing. Looks like you’re driving around on placeholder textures. So ugly. What were they thinking? Or were they in crunch mode and running out of time?

    • They front loaded all their time spent recreating their Halo 2 work for the Earth segment and then had to crunch for the Ark and Halo finale.
      They probably could have had more stuff in there for the warthog run but just didn’t have the time.

      The really bad thing about resorting to scrapping missions is that I’m sure they had already spent a considerable amount of time doing early production on those scrapped levels and it’s a not insignificant investment that amounts to almost nothing when you scrap it all.

  8. […]

    Halo 3 would’ve been 10x better if it had the cut guardian forest and forerunner city levels. my biggest criticism of halo 3 is that we don’t spend enough time exploring the ark and even bungie realized this because there’s 2 scrapped missions on it.

    • Actually if you look at the mission numbers in the files, I think it implies there were 3 scrapped missions, and they were all on the Ark.

      Cortana effectively wound up cut too if you consider that it isn’t actually High Charity at all, but that was the one level they couldn’t afford to cut under any circumstance.

  9. Also happy they finally unfucked most of CE and got mod tools in.
    Redeems them in my book.

    The control scheme for the Duke is still wrong even though they said they fixed it in this latest patch.

    The white/clear garden gnomeel is supposed to toggle the flashlight and the black garden gnomeel is supposed to cycle grenades, but they’ve been flipped by mistake from MCC’s outset.

  10. appreciate your fresh perspective, anon, and yes you are indeed correct. 3 is as massively overrated as 2 is on this board. Nostalgia riding. Halo CE was lightning in a bottle. Bungie did too much to try and outdo themselves when they could have stuck to their original formula and built around that. Never get tired of CE, such an outstanding campaign experience.

  11. Halo has always been best on LASO.
    Not even joking. The skulls take enemy encounters to their most interesting and force you to have some strategy even if you decide to rely on the plasma pistol.

    Iron skull sucks but if you’re not doing Mythic, just leave that off. The enemy buffs and some of the fun skulls make it great though.

      • Something that always pissed me off is that they never bothered to recreate that animation in the anniversary graphics. The remastered elite just does a simple jump in the air and sort of glides over.

        I wonder if they ever addressed that.

  12. Agreed. CE would be the only Halo campaign I would say is decent. All the other ones are pretty weak. CE > Reach > ODST > 2 > 3 > 4.


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