IRL streamer catches guy blatantly hacking CS:GO at Dreamhack


The balls on this guy randomly caught by IRL streamer Benczek while filming at Dreamhack.

He's playing CS:GO with no less than three blatant hacks visible on his screen -- in full view of everyone.

Did you spot that? First there's the third person mode to help him look around corners, definitely not a Counter-Strike feature. Then there's the neon purple skins, allowing him to more easily see other players. Finally, there's a bunnyjumping script to automate the speed boost that can result as a quirk of the physics in many games.

When the cheater notices the camera, he smiles, knowing full well what Benczek is about to say.

"Are you cheating?" [in swedish]

"Yep," he grins back.

Benczek laughs, and reportedly didn't tattle-tale to Dreamhack about the situation. With the video now going viral, however, it's likely the cheater will be identified and VAC banned on Steam.

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  1. 4 years ago

    Did the same in CS 1.6 days in a myg0t wannabe clan. This was before steam bullshit and the internet had tons of free cd keys, so we were unbannable and caused so much rage. Wish we recorded it.

  2. 4 years ago

    I mean the event is called dreamHACK

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