19 thoughts on “Is $55 good for a 12 hour game?”

  1. Where the fuck are they getting these numbers? My first run took 13 hours for 100% items (without using a guide, some of those Shinespark puzzles legit took me like half an hour to figure out).

    But then you unlock hard mode and with ending rewards there’s a ton of replay value. Is that counted in the time? Because unless you go in knowing every single secret and where to go there’s no way completionist (beating both normal AND hard mode with 100% items) takes only 12 hours. Also, why is everyone so fucking obsessed with the time for this game? Literally every single Resident Evil game can be beaten in less than 5 hours and nobody complains about that because of replay value. Metroid is no different.

    • People usually just write their first walkthrough. Even in completionist.
      Actually you can open and read every single entry. Some of them with comments like "70% of items", "100% items, normal + hard". Also don’t be confused with % number. For some reason it’s how people rated the game. 70% = 7/10 etc, You can change it if you have accoun.t

      • Nah you’ve told me enough to know that the website isn’t actually a good metric for completion time and that OP is just a schizo baiting for (Yous). Thanks.

  2. Yeah sure!
    Ps2 era games almost never broke the 8 hour, with most games at about 5 to 7 hours max. People look fondly back to that era because of that.
    5 to 10 hours means it’s a focused experience with almost no bloat.

  3. that website is total bullshit. i submitted few of my 300 hour runs there and the average time hasn’t changed.
    which means they’re either making it all up or censoring heavily


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