64 thoughts on “is soulsborne the shittiest genre ever manifested? i think it is!”

  1. I don’t particularly care one way or another about Demons Souls and its spawn, but I care that almost every fucking action game under the sun since has had a stupid-ass stamina meter. I’m glad Stranger of Paradise is doing away with it, it was the thing holding Nioh back the most

  2. I can understand hating the dark souls fanbase because they can really be the biggest cocksuckers in the gaming world, but the games themselves are really enjoyable and if you’re avoiding them/hating them for the sake of being a contrarian then you’re missing out.

    • >but the games themselves are really enjoyable
      I think they’re clunky and slow, and that the difficulty and satisfaction of beating them is massively overstated. Never mind the fact that not a single Souls game is actually finished.

      • >I think they’re clunky and slow
        But that’s the point. It was never meant be like fast paced action games like dmc. You had to put some thought into your movements because (for the most part) you can’t animation cancel

        • >It’s supposed to be slow and shitty
          I’m not asking for DMC. Nioh manages to be more methodical unless you grind your ass off and spam sloth talismans, while still keeping the combat fast and fluid enough so as not to induce a coma.
          >You had to put some thought into your movements
          You roll into any attack that happens and run away if the enemy goes into its 3 second long casting animation into cumzone magic attack.

        • >You had to put some thought into your movements because (for the most part) you can’t animation cancel

          That would make sense if they were deep, but since there are only 6 moves (in which only two are good) the decision making is pretty simple
          You either have depth or the game is fast, a fast game makes decision making difficult and can be simple, a slow game NEEDS to be deep, soulsgames aren’t deep, so they are super boring

          • There’s two kinds of PvP, one where you have access to your gear and all the good shit that comes with it such as enchantments, and the one where you both just get basic gear and rely on skill.
            Both were still shit, take the lag spikes in Souls pvp and apply it to much faster combat.

          • one of the actual reasons for this is most jap companies and therefore most jap devs refuse anything that wasnt made there, if its not japanese it doesnt matter, it doesnt matter to them that Western game devs have made superior netcode for years, and all the internal testing they do will be within Japan, so say the netcode works from one end of the country to the other thats good enough, except Japan is smaller than California so the netcode is often garbage on the world scale

          • ????? I was talking in general, for example strategy games can be turn based or real time… but turn based with lack of depth just doesn’t work, real time usually are simple but they demand more fast decision making, its like blitz chess or tournament chess

  3. I really don’t understand why Soulsborne triggers Nintentrannies so much. The first Dark Souls ended up being a better successor to OOT than SS although the latter was shilled and fellated to death in 2011 by paid journos and blind fanboys.


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