89 thoughts on “Tales of Arise is the best ARPG of the year”

  1. Yeah I loved this game
    Can’t wait for the next one now that they have the engine already set-up and vastly more funds to work with.

          • not him but
            >fantastic ost and visuals
            >likable cast
            >excellent pacing for 80% of the game
            >lots of content and replayability
            >combat is based if you accept its quirks
            >serviceable plot and pretty interesting lore
            i’d put it in the same league as bloodborne, maybe not the best ARPG but it’s up there for sure
            replies like this are pointless anyways because detractors are just gonna go "hurrr what you find great is actually the worst thing ever", so yeah

  2. I like Tales games for my cool combos. Arise has some cool looking artes but no bosses stagger so there’s no reason to find out combos or what artes work together. Shit was basically the exact opposite of what I wanted from this series

  3. Is this finally a Tales game with decent combat? I am 3 characters in and this might be the first time i’m not completely fucking lost
    >Alphen deals a FUCK ton of damage but also dies in 3 seconds, he heavily relies on Shionne healing him. Being able to regulate the amount of hp the attack the more damage you wanna do is amazing
    >Shionne has excellent small AoE attacks for small amounts of enemies in the bombs, the healing is really quick and she knows how to stay away while healing. Access to bigger aoe attacks for strong / more enemies is also great.
    >Rinwell’s double spell mechanic is very easy to pull of, just hold and store. The Spell Absorber thing was good on Magilou but you had to use her, with the d-pad abilities thats a non-issue.
    >Keeping the combos encourages perfect dodging, reaching the insta KO bar usually deals enough damage to end the battle immediately, making shitty encounters faster.
    >Shionne ability knocks down flying enemies, which comboes with alphen +damage against knocked enemies. Alphen ability stuns enemies, with comboes with both shionne and rinwell heavy spells. You can even ready a spell and use Alphen dpad right before the spell for crazy damage.

    • Word of advice before you get the fourth character: go to the tactics menu, and for your default tactics set the healing threshold at 50% instead of 25%. Also Set up a tactics setting that prioritizes "Do Nothing" for when bosses get enraged; it’s misleading because ranged characters will still attack but everyone will stay far enough away to not get killed.

  4. Let me tell you homosexuals why Rinwell is the best girl in the game

    >racist as fuck and hateful towards renanas
    >loves books and care about preserving Dahnam ways
    >wants to genocide all renans
    >intelligent and loves books
    >hometown is 1244 when it should be 1488

    Rinwell is a bad bitch and is the only one with personality comapred to Kisara and Shinoee

    Need some help anons

    Im currently level 37 right after the renans shoot some shit down form the moon and im working on current available side quest.

    Whats the best elve to beat the "earth spirit temple"?
    I have to admit going thru the portal and watching the game turn into a mini dungeon crawler was fun and unexpected.

    Fucking laser sentries were tough as shit though and luckily i had full stocked items to push thru to get to the boss area, but boss decimates me and my team.

    When should i come back?

    • The light sidequests are pretty obviously intended for postgame; you’ll probably beat the final boss at around level 50 and they’re all 55+.

  6. >is the best ARPG of the year in your path
    Not even close shit skin but will win game of the year rewards regardless due to PC secondaries high jacking and ruining the franchise because they didn’t get snoys final fantasy 7 remake

  7. here’s the future of tales bro
    >half of the combat is aerial combo
    >bosses have permanent iron-stance
    >bosses can’t be juggled
    >even when they’re "staggered", they stay on the ground
    >you won’t even have a chance to use aerial artes unless it’s giant bosses
    >gameplay is reduced to roll+reigning slash
    did you like it?

    >inb4 muh diminishing returns
    sweety play the game

    >inb4 y-you’re playing the gaem wrong!!1
    sweety here’s your combogod rolling around like a retard spamming eagle dive and his dlc arte

    • >AI never jumps, and thus will only ever use aerial attacks if they use a move that launches them in the air first
      >Shionne, Kisara and Rinwell lack these so they’ll NEVER use aerial attacks under any circumstance
      >Do Shionne’s novice arena and learn 5 moves in a row

    • Ganker is nearly always wrong, besides people seemed to like it when the game came out so I imagine it’s just seething contrarians pissy the game really sold well.

      • More like the game starts out decent then shits itself half way through. You’d know this if you actually played the game instead of just shilling whatever garbage gets a high Metacritic score.

        • To this day I can’t comprehend how this game got even a single 9/10. 5 years, and all they could do, other than a contrived pants-on-head retarded plot, is to give us an abortion unseen since Xenogears Disc 2? And without its payoff, even? What the fuck have they been doing for these past 5 years, other than designing corridors and "writing" hundreds of armchair psychologists skits? 6.5-7/10 at best considering how shit the pacing and writing is.

      • I feel like Tales is a special case as far as bitter, broken fanbases go because basically everything that can go wrong with a fanbase has already happened.

        >A long line of fairly similar games released at short intervals, leading fans to make more intensive judgements based on more and more minor criteria (See also: Mega Man)
        >A string of critical failures, leading fans to divide based on whether they still support the brand and for what reason (See also: Sonic the Hedgehog)
        >Behind the scenes drama, attracting shitposters who have no interest in the series and just want attention (See also: whatever the top thread on Ganker is about right now)
        >A new game that disturbs the status quo in some way but also brings in a sizable number of new fans, bringing a divide between newhomosexuals and oldhomosexuals (See also: Fire Emblem)

        There are a lot of fractured fanbases on here but Tales is basically the Balkans. The only thing keeping these fans from being complete cesspools is that they don’t have any high-profile shitposters or the raw autism of Sonic threads, but they’re still teetering on the brink of being unusable.

  8. I like it so far, but I have no idea how to play Dohalim and dodging with Alphen seems to trigger his counter only when I dodge in a very specific way. I also have no idea what to put in his artes apart from his Stinger.

  9. At first I thought that Tales of Arise is the best game this year, but then this happened

    Literally an open world immersive ARPG with insane graphics (including DLSS2.0 and ray tracing), god tier gameplay, god tier China punk, god tier story (no western trash in it and protected by the glorious Communist Chinese party from all degeneracy), and to top it all, it looks like it will cost like $20 for the full game (fuck you Bandai for selling a small dlc for $15 which should have been free).

  10. Just got Reigning Slash. What the fuck is that shit? The first boss was already shit (evade, counter and use one arte, repeat) and I can see how it gets even worse from now on. Is there any boss you can actually go full CUHRAYZEE on?


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