44 thoughts on “Is there any RPG combat that surpass the greatness of Chrono Trigger’s”

  1. >ATB system rewards you for just mashing attack instead of thinking strategically
    >nearly all of the techs just straight up deal damage, a token few heal or give status effects
    >there are no character customization options, Crono will always have the same techs, the same build, etc no matter what game you play
    >virtually all the weapons except a small handful are straight up damage improvements
    >there is no way to create formations or place any of your characters in strategic positions
    Virtually every RPG ever made will surpass Chrono Trigger’s combat

  2. There are plenty of systems that surpass it.
    But plain truth is, nothing will ever surpass it’s battle music. It’s as iconic and unsurmountable as the boss music in river city ransom.

  3. >Is there any RPG combat that surpass the greatness of Chrono Trigger’s
    Both TWEWY games
    Both Devil Survivor games
    Phantasy Star IV
    KH1FM and KH2FM
    Resonance of Fate
    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier and Exceed
    Megaman Battle Network
    Dragon’s Dogma
    Dark Messiah: Of Might and Magic
    Knights in the Nightmare
    SMT3, SMT4, and SMT4: Apocalypse
    Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans
    I love Chrono Trigger but the combat is not it’s selling point.

  4. […]

    >you didn’t actually know about the games you tried name dropping like Lunatic Dawn
    I do, though, hence why I name-dropped them. I won’t argue about LD with you, however, until you post your savefile.
    >equipment is "character specific" when it’s not
    it effectively is, though.

    • You’ve never touched any of the games you tried namedropping. You saw the fan translation news and tried acting cool on Ganker. You’re a colossal homosexual. I look forward to the next time to spam your gay pasta so I can shit on you again.

  5. Why the fuck don’t other JRPGs have dual and triple techs? It’s so fucking obvious and easy but they just don’t want to do it somehow.

  6. >Is there any RPG combat that surpass the greatness of Chrono Trigger’s
    The only thing I’d bother lifting from CT’s combat is the double/triple techs, everything else can be left behind.

  7. Nope
    And until theres something even reminiscent of at least the team attacks made then nothing is even in the same solar system as Chrono Trigger

    • Christ, this board gets lower and lower, Chrono Trigger didn’t even have something as basic as proper attack attributes for weapon, nor any sort of customization or player agency beyond selecting a checkpoint ending, which wasn’t even something original by then as there’s NES games with the same exact design.
      Chrono Trigger doesn’t even let you choose equipment properly because it’s all character specific, that alone puts it below the average DQ or games like FFV in terms of depth, and if you want to compare it to actually deep systems like any SaGa game or some sim RPGs of the time like Uncharted Waters or Lunatic Dawn it’s plain kiddy shit with barely even a fifth of the mechanics, and most of those are ill implemented as well, like positioning or AoE.
      CT is just as mechanically archaic for its time as the average console RPG of the time, Romancing SaGa 2 alone blows it out of the water and that’s just considering one game from Square’s own output, if you want to actually look at the SNES library it’s outdone even by some Banpresto games like Traverse, the fucking Banpresto that published the SRW games.
      Even some Ascii Soft game like Dark Law is considerably deeper mechanically by playing in the same exact design field and it’s a 15 hours game with next to no budget.

      Nobody who actually plays RPGs can pretend CT was even remotely interesting mechanically, it did look very good for its time, Mitsuda did a great job on the OST, but that’s it, even Cross does a better job than Trigger in the mechanical field and that’s another hot mess of stolen mechanics made somehow worse than the source materials, hell CT even stole the time travelling gimmick from SaGa 3, and that’s a game boy game.


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