56 thoughts on “is there any value to this game what so ever if you are not a nostalgiafag, genuine question”

  1. If you’re a zoomer you won’t appreciate San Andreas because everything it did has been done a million times by the games that copied it.

    The same way that DOOM isn’t impressive to anyone who’s played a FPS before.

    That said, the GTA games are among the best of its kind. No other is as iconic and soulful as the trilogy, except maybe Saints Row 2.

    • >Saints Row 2
      Best character customisation ever and a fucking great game. And now look at the abomination Volition is going to dump on us. Fucking tragic.

  2. San Andreas was the last GTA game to encapsulate the wild west spirit of early game development. They put a bunch of crazy and dumb shit in the game for no other reason than it was fun. After San Andreas Rockstar started to take itself too seriously and the result was GTA: IV, an absolutely fucking soulless drab game with virtually none of the spirit of older GTAs. And then GTA:V was the game equivalent of when a company that started in a dishevelled basement full of empty pizza boxes and beer bottles moves into a huge luxury open-plan corporate office with generic landscape art on the walls.

  3. It’s literally the last GTA game that doesn’t feel like a sluggish waste of time. On top of that, it encapsulates it’s time period very well and besides Vice City, has the best soundtrack out of any GTA game. It’s the only game where you can change the protagonist’s physique and it offers tons more replayability than V or any game before it. The map is the most varied out of any GTA game, encompassing 3 cities and the countryside. It also has the most wacky missions in the entire franchise with jetpacks, gimpsuits, and VTOLs. It also has more side activities than many other GTA games, including optional romances, which while not as fleshed out as GTA IV’s romances, are sometimes more plot relevant. Characters are far more memorable, and it easily has the best narrative in the franchise alongside IV.
    On top of this, it’s just a fun experience from start to finish and it’s way better than GTA V in it’s depiction of Los Santos. Being that the game surrounds one protagonist it allows the game to more thoroughly explore certain themes and plots, whereas GTA V had to juggle heists and air strip missions alongside Franklin’s hood missions, so they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

      • i haven’t played gta5 since it came out but i played it in an episodic way due to work. for what it was worth it felt decent enough like tv show programming focusing on one character or another, or at least thats how i tried to pace it when i played it. While doing it i could tell if i was sitting down playing it in longer sittings it would not have nearly as interested me

  4. holy fucking shit I’m racist but I don’t mind black people in media if it actually makes fucking sense. If it’s not shoved down your throat. It made sense in san andreas and it was implemented well. Stop crying you fcuking poltards

  5. You have to understand. Coming from VC, SA really opened up.
    >get fit/fat/skinny
    >customizing your car
    >the memes
    >the gangbanger story which was the shit at the time

    Maybe newer games offer more, but at the time, SA was a huge jump and amazed everyone. The only game, imo so far, that came close is SR2.

  6. This nearly 2 decade game has more soul, detail, plot, activities, etc. Then most modern single player games. Don’t reply to me

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    If you don’t see the value of GTA dickery across any generation then you’re entirely lost, zoomer.

  8. The story is pretty redpilled thematically, basically its subtext is that CJ’s friends, particularly his brother sweet, are held back by the crab bucket mentality. the irony of Big Smoke is that his actions ultimately force CJ to grow well beyond the petty hood politics of Grove Street and undergo a heros journey that makes him his own man, Big Smoke is the opposite side of the coin, he hates the stagnation and petty bullshit of Sweets leadership and wants to grow as well. in the first act he is arguably the nicest to CJ because he empathizes with him for wanting to make something of himself in Liberty City but ultimately Smoke chooses to fully embrace the degenerate criminal way of getting ahead via the drug trade whereas CJ by the end of the game is actually running several legtimate businesses

      • i mean if you have fun with scrote simulator 2004 by simply playing it like that who am i to judge. its just that the game is obviously inspired by major themes in 90s hip hop (hell Ryder is just straight up a copy paste of Easy E) so there is something to be said about how that translates into the story.

        the good thing about games released during the 00s is they were produced before twitter existed so even though i could see enjoyment in those themes, its not thrown in your face like a fucking brick and people who dont give a shit can quite easily just play the fucking game regardless

  9. memorable characters, living in the memes to this day
    relatively big map, with areas that are distinct in both style/esthetics and mission types, every some hours you get a change of pace preventing the game from getting repetitive
    encourages bits or roleplaying and selfmade fun on the side


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