48 thoughts on “It filtered millions”

    • Hey, that’s not true, it’s at least a 1/3 split between blacks, autists and pedophiles.
      Wait, is that why that furry wins all the time? Because he’s all three?

    • The funny thing about FH is that the biggest reason it’s so shitty is that it isn’t really a fighting game
      So many of the base gameplay issues they’ve been struggling with since release and never managed to fix are things the fighting game genre figured out 20 years ago.

  1. i dropped it because i kept going vs orochis light spamming, it was boring as fuck just to parry and counter them after the 10th orochi of the day

    • honestly it’s really frustrating, like i love getting good and actually using a character’s moveset
      but when you see a light spammer do LITERALLY nothing but dodge attack on react (which is extremely easy to bait and fuck them up), the game is just retarded and you’re better off playing vs AI since they’re at least more creative
      also the new samurai hero is literally boring as fuck with the full block, if you try to gb you get fucked anyways because he did it """"before""""" you

      • Kekshin sucks from unblockables, gbs, zones, and nuxia trap lol, 0 gb vulnerability has been fixed within a week after release lol

  2. >new character comes out
    >OP but allowed for a while because $$$$
    >new character comes out

    >break how parry works
    >can’t parry 4 people at once with warden anymore for no reason

    >still fucked
    filtered is one way to look at it, another is they broke their own game several times.

    changing how the stats worked after I had hit level 30 weapon was the moment where I became legitimately pissed off.

  3. Based
    >all of wulin

  4. if anything the lag filtered everyone. shit was whack. also everyone kept pretending it was like a fighting game when it was nothing like a fighting game.

    • Mordhau gets progressively less fun the better you and your opponents are. The only reason one good player dies to another in an autistic chambering contest is by making multiple minor mistakes in a row. The only fun thing to do after getting gud is pubstomping with a maul or memeing with peasant weapons. Chivalry 1 had the exact same problems and Chiv 2 probably will as well (can’t say since I’m not buying anything from Timmy).

  5. >Fast paced constant battle of rock paper scissors based on reaction checks
    >With 30fps
    >With 200 ping
    So this… is the power… of cucksole gaming


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