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  1. When did Samus activate the self destruct sequence before the fight with Raven Beak? As far as I know the flow went straight from Raven Beak’s evil floating villain lair -> crashed to ground -> Metroid Samus super beaming Kraid Beak -> Oh shit the planet is all of a sudden blowing up

    Also, they never explain how the X parasite version of Quiet Robe was able to re-transform Samus back to her original form, or the fact Samus’s real parents are humans tat were killed by Ridley and yet Raven Beak still calls her his daughter. I’m guessing it’s a metaphoric thing in that aspect, since he considers her his "daughter" if he gave her some of his DNA to awaken her Metroid form.

    Also, I’m assuming the only reason Raven Beak let Samus live in the beginning is because he wanted her to awaken her Metroid form. But then it doesn’t make sense for him to say "I have no need for you now since I can just create Metroid Samus clones infinitely". If he had that capability all along, why even let her live in the first place. Just to confirm that her Metroid half would come out?

    • >self destruct
      adam also mentions destroying the planet out of nowhere. assuming adam was actually raven beak at that point (who probably would want to kill the x) he may have set the destruct. it’s not clear though.
      >quiet robe x
      it’s something about the thoha possessing an inherent ability to control metroids, right down to the genetic level
      yeah this was metaphorical. mother brain does the same thing in the manga. he gave his dna just to enhance her physical abilities though, not to awaken her metroid form, which wasn’t a possibility until after she received the metroid vax.
      >let her live
      yeah he mentions seeing a "glimpse" of the ability at the start. granted the whole dna harvesting thing is riddled with plotholes considering he and anyone else could just scrape her gunship seat, or any of the myriad places metroids have touched. They should have specified it had to be a living sample or something.

    • Self destruct could have been a contingency Ravenbeak put into his ship if it crashed since he knew he’d immediatly get infected by the X. There could be any number of other reasons.

      Samus absorbs Powers from X parasites. A Thot X would have a stronger control over Metroid powers.
      Also, You greatly misunderstood the DNA stuff. Samus had Mawkin DNA the whole time, that’s the whole reason she can use her Suit. Ravenbeak awakening Samus’s metroid DNA was because she was attached by a Mawkin Chozo.

      >Ravenbeak gives samus his Mawkin DNA and lets her live in the first cutscene
      Not what happens. the Scene cuts out just as Samus’s eye go all glowy and dead. Samus probably demonstrated exactly how dangerous she was and Ravenbeakran fled and changed plans. Samus then passed out and lost her suit capabilities because of the dramatic transformation (as mentioned in the first communication room).

      Ravenbeaks plan was to use Adam’s name to gain Samus’ trust, make her afraid of her own powers and obey him out of fear.
      When that doesn’t work, Killing her and cloning her is his plan B.

  2. It needed:
    >The text "Metroid 5" before the title screen.
    >Less indulgence on the remakes for people that only played the originals (like I know for example her being raised Chozo is known in Zero Mission and online discourse but there are gonna be people jumping in who don’t know that as a given).
    >Save rooms as one thing insteads of spreading them out to network stations, map stations, energy rechargers, ammo rechargers, and full rechargers (whose idea was it to split up your stops?).
    >A bit more nonlinearity would be nice, and the artificial hold on items until a certain point.
    >Zero Suit endings. You can even port the models from Samus Returns for all I care or remove the DA-tier Chozo artwork, this is a long-held tradition. Literally no one was complaining about them in previous games, maybe the bikinis but it’s been long moved to casual/street-wear.

    • Mainline metroid games have never been numbered. It wouldn’t make sense to number them. I agree with the rest of your points, but you can unlock a Zero Suit image in the gallery from hard mode.

    • >Less indulgence on the remakes for people that only played the originals
      Everyone knows the mainline series is Zero Mission (remake), Samus Returns (remake), Super (original), Other M (original), and Fusion (original). That’s right, the latter three will never get remade with alternate titles like the former two. This is set in stone, forever. No, this won’t unintentionally date the game.

      • I hate that returns is the canon second game, because the baby metroid being a power up and ridley being a boss ruins the entire ending

        • The Ridley fight was needed for a good final boss sequence. Metroid 2 is pretty barebones if you couldn’t tell by Samus Returns, I honestly thought the new bosses they added (digger robot, Ridley) helped a lot. I think overall it was still just an "ok" game.

          I’m hoping Nintendo releases a "Metroid Samus" collection with all the mainline Samus games (Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Sper, Other M (remade to not be shit), Fusion, Dread) for an anniversary one year, and a Complete collection with all the Prime games and original non-remakes included. The spinoffs like Federation Force and Pinball are okay to be left alone.

      • >tfw got the Zero Mission art for beating the game over 9 hours
        I know there’s art for Beating under 9 hours, beating under 6 hours, and beating under 4 hours. Is the zero suit one for beating it under 4? Or is that for getting 100% items on hard mode?

        • >Is the zero suit one for beating it under 4?
          It’s for getting all of the endings like there is hidden art for getting all of the items (when you 100% one area you get one art). You need to beat the game under 4 hours on Normal to get the top three endings and then under 4 hours on Hard to get bottom three + bonus one

      • >OG Ridley is technically in the game
        >right next to Dread Kraid.
        You lose, homosexuals, Dread Kraid is OG Kraid, get wrecked.

        • >>right next to Dread Kraid.
          Who said that? Why does it have to be Dread Kraid over there when there are Super’s bosses lined up?

          • He’s just shitposting. The end game art in that post is obviously just a collage of all the mainline Metroid games.

  3. The premise and entire storyline of every Metroid game can be explained in a single sentence dude. What is here even for the canon to begin with?

  4. Yeah, story-wise the game does feel weird somehow.
    >the Federation is still very buddy-buddy with Samus and she’s working willingly with them again, even though in the previous game she went against their orders, destroyed an entire space station that held the Feds’ illegal research, and blew up an entire planet along with it, something that Samus said would have consequence and galaxy-wide trials against her
    >no one ever acknowledges that the Chozo are still alive, even though everyone in the galaxy (including Samus, the adopted child of their race) thought they were long-since extinct so it should come as a surprise to them, but it never does
    >no one ever acknowledges the return of Kraid or the Mother Brain units
    >CHADzo’s plan makes no sense and falls under scrutinity easily if you think about it too hard (why did he leave Samus alive at the beginning instead of taking her DNA? why does the the ending feel so overstuffed?)
    I dunno, it’s just odd as a sequel since it doesn’t feel like something that should come after the other games, I think.

    • On the first 2 points.
      1.I was under the impresstion it was a rouge scientist station in fusion.
      2. I figured the mystery was that they disappeared mysteriously. Hard to believe they would all die in the short time after Samus left them. Would have been, what, 15 years tops? And Samus would have personally find out why they died if something killed them off imo.

    • If you take the final cutscene & the prefight cutscene hologram into account, a lot more makes sense:

      CHADzo was being tricked by an X-parasite mimicing Quiet Robe from the start.

      The federation never contacted samus, it was also CHADzo, and ‘ADAM’ was him the whole game.

      When you take this into account – why would CHADzo be surprised by kraid & comment on it? He captured it, and purchased the mother brain stuff. He didn’t kill samus right away because he ‘wanted to awaken the metroid DNA in her blood’, whatever the fuck that means.

      The biggest plothole is that she’s suddenly friends again with the federation in the pregame cutscene, as you mentioned, but, as a mercenary it’s entirely possible Samus just doesn’t give a shit if the money is good. We really don’t know enough about her personality to know.

      Any other questions?

      • >CHADzo was being tricked by an X-parasite mimicing Quiet Robe from the start
        But that’s not true. We only see X infect Quiet Robe when all X are released into the wild
        >The federation never contacted samus, it was also CHADzo, and ‘ADAM’ was him the whole game
        ADAM was an actual ADAM at least before the landing on ZDR and after the final fight. So this cannot be true
        >and purchased the mother brain
        ?? Mother Brain was always a Chozo’s creation. Even the very first one. So there is no real mystery as to why there are MB’s all over the planet

    • the federation being bad guys is a localization issue. it doesn’t distinguish between factions in the federation army and the whole federation. the federation are good guys but theres little groups inside of it doing bad stuff.

    • >thanslation issue, even then Adam in fusion says that someone would believe her and understand, and it looks like someone did. And there’s more: with the emmi lost and no alternatives, Samus is still a powerful and useful asset.

      >Samus knew they were in exile, the only explicitly "extinct chozo" are in one Prime planet. and she is the only one in the game, there is no "them" to whom it might be a surprise.

      >again, it’s just Samus in the game. she recognizes kraid and kills him again, no big deal, she knew as well that brain computers were chozo tech, no surprises there either.

      >he thinks an awakened Samus would be more useful to clone than make more jellyfishes out of her DNA. so he sets a planet wide gauntlet for her to awaken, or fail and get the DNA either way.

    • >no one ever acknowledges the return of Kraid or the Mother Brain units
      The control uni in Dread are AI made by Chozo just like Mother Brain was, but there likely is no further connection between them.

      Likewise Kraid in ZDR might as well be a different individual from the same species as Kraid from Zebes.

      • >Likewise Kraid in ZDR might as well be a different individual from the same species as Kraid from Zebes.
        If they wanted it to be a different Kraid then the Chozo Archive should’ve shown him being created instead of captured by the Chozo. Besides, the body language in the scene implies that this is the same Kraid.

        • >If they wanted it to be a different Kraid then the Chozo Archive should’ve shown him being created instead of captured by the Chozo
          Not neccessarily. You assume that Kraid is some unique monster but it might be the whole species it’s just that there are not that many of them out in the galaxy. Zebesian Kraid died so Raven Beak captured another Kraid

      • I didn’t really get how the control units got set up, and what they do. The emmi were sent to the planet, and they were captured by the chozo and controlled with the units? But they do the same thing regardless when the units are destroyed. In fact, I’m not sure what destroying the units even does apart from put the room on red alert. Maybe the emmi were sent, and set their own units (and sectors?) up somehow? The Fed has aurora unit tech. But that seems even more retarded.

    • -It’s not like the Feds can catch Samus. they only hired her after they lost SEVEN of the strongest robots they ever made.
      -Adam might have made a comment about the Chozo being alive Too bad you only ever talk with Ravenbeak the whole game.
      -Mother brain units are chozo technology the pirates stole, this was established in canon manga. Samus aknowledges Kraid in her own way.
      >Why did Ravenbeak leave Samus Alive at the beginninng.
      Because right before that fight cuts out you see samus go into AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA mode. She kicked his ass.


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