43 thoughts on “it’s 89 now”

  1. user scores be like
    >the girl is cute. 10 out of 10
    >that one boss was hard and annoying. 0 out of 10 fuck this game

    normalhomosexuals are fucking braindead

    • Lower user score than ToA by almost an entire 1.0 (0.7 specifically) and only above it in critic score by 0.2 and that’s with the score semi-inflated a tad by 2D Metroid hypistists and game journos

    • Cheating to count a version with 10 reviews. Idk why games with so few reviews are often so high. Some random visual novel is the highest rated switch game with a fucking 98 on metacritic because it has like 10 reviews.

  2. does the game look better than it did in the trailers?
    I love 2d metroid, but the initial impressions from e3 didn’t seem very promising to me. is the artstyle better in the final version?
    does it play very similarly to 3ds samus returns (which I didn’t like that much compared to am2r)?


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