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  1. I’m trying to think of games that came out in the last 3 years I genuinely enjoyed. So far I got:
    >Library of Ruina
    >Pathfinder Kingmaker
    >Sunless Skies
    >Crusader Kings 3
    >We. The Revolution

    These are just off the top of my head. Plenty of good games out there.

  2. The only thing that’s gotten worse is your nostalgia old man. Your franchises are old, busted and need to make room for the new generation.

    • Metroid has 54 reviews vs 27 for Hollow Knight. That’s literally double the amount, yet it "only" has two points lower.

      Also Hollow Knight is bloated as fuck with filler content

  3. I dunno, Metroid Dread just came out and it’s kino as fuck. I could post plenty of other fantastic games that have come out in the last couple of years but you people simply would go "lol they’re all shit"

    I never understood these threads, like if you dislike games that badly why are you here. are you starved for attention? here (You) go then
    get another hobby if you’re not enjoying this one anymore.

  4. Everything went to shit when Nintendo started appealing to the casual/normie market and everyone followed suit.

    Yeah, good games still come out, but regardless of the brand, you can never be certain the game you’re buying isn’t going to be butchered in some way to appeal to idiots. This is especially frustrating with the death of rental stores.

  5. Ignorance is bliss. They don’t play/watch/read/listen to anything that came out before they were born. So they just don’t know any better.

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        • I can already see that the thread will become tiresome to browse because it will be fast and full of arguments were it to gain momentum, but I’m wiling to give it a chance since this is the dead hours where european children are just waking up for school and american children are sleeping.
          Videogames really did get worse on average, it feels like there’s far less things to look forward to and far less memorable games that make people talk about it and remember it, like you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people play a game only for most discussion about the game to die out months later. Cyberpunk shook the board but only shitpost threads about it get hundreds of replies these days. Valheim was all the rage a few months ago but you can’t even get a thread going today. Terraria’s final(tm) update was released last year and you similarly can’t get a thread going for it.
          AAA games have been casualized so hard they’re disgusting to play, and people who grew up with already-shit AAA garbage like Call of Duty are venerating the franchises even here.
          It’s a thriving age for indie games but they’re also a medium full of shovelware and overpriced games, even popular indie games like Rimworld and Factorio are overpriced for the gameplay they offer, and this led to a lot of indie devs think that if those games can get away with their prices then so can they.

          I don’t really mind it, triphomosexuals are mostly extinct these days, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing but you know.

          • To me is like about the same, the thing is that before you couldn’t really see what games are made or upcoming.
            Yes we had magazines and a big maybe there was a tv spot.
            But the quality for non AAA games is about the exact same, full of garbage with a few truly good games or flawed games.
            Like there was a lot of trash in the consoles and arcade games is not even funny.

          • There’s still plenty of garbage but there’s a lot less impactful games, what’s there to talk about in the last few years? Feels like almost nothing but garbage games gets to be talked about constantly, try to talk about Deep Rock Galactic and there’s often barely any response, but talk about gacha games, MMOs, MOBAs (when they don’t only talk on Ganker that it), Call of Duty or Fortnite and there’s suddenly lots of responses all around. Videogames appear and suddenly disappear from the public conscious as if they never were, outside of the occasional reminder that "oh yeah, it existed, it was cool when I played it".
            >But the quality for non AAA games is about the exact same, full of garbage with a few truly good games or flawed games.
            AA studios are either devoured by publishers they regularly dealt with or barely hanging on, the indie game industry is flooded with games that barely bring anything new or desirable to the table, their inspirations are more successful games rather than other inspirations, instead of wanting a tacticool sneak game they want to make a Splinter Cell game with mostly Splinter Cell gameplay. I would absolutely loathe early access games that cost more than 15$ if it wasn’t for Library of Ruina being an actually pretty good game for my tastes but costing around 20$ in early access. And all the games that MIGHT actually be cool enough for people to play and have fun with are likely buried and barely anyone plays them, and have to rely on reviewers to dig them out of the trash pile. Starsector and Underrail would still remain very obscure if not for some e-celeb, and personally I loved the premise of Fabular even if it’s just a demo.
            Arguably the industry is the same, but the difference is that there’s a huge pile of trash blocking the door out of the room, which you have to dig through and it’s overall very annoying and inconvenient, and would rather just have fun with what you already have in your room.

          • Because those games are inherently more popular, there is a reason people don’t talk about RTS games because is an almost dead genre.
            Also there is kinda hard to define what kind of games are impactful or are going to be called classic while they are still new, you need time for that is the same about music people only remember the hits but no the piles of garbage that artist produce and also like music some people just make one hit and then dissapear.
            Also yes you are right people tend to create something based on what they already know if they spend a lot of time playing some games they are bound to get influenced by this, the thing that people that already play games are the most likely to make games.
            Can’t comment about the state of early access games and AA industry.

          • There hasn’t been a new RTS game from a popular franchise in about a decade, it’s mostly a decaying genre because multiplayer is a mess (a mix of new players and complete autists) and overall people just want something with the gameplay of Age of Empires or C&C without any caveat like Dawn of War 2 or Company of Heroes, but even I don’t trust AoE4, it’s like some executive at Microsoft remembered that Age of Empires as a franchise exists and they could milk money from a new proper entry after 16 years.
            I can say from now that Undertale will be talked about for a long time, something about it attracted lots of people and the effort that went into it + meta gimmick + pacifism option made a lot of people venerate it.
            The problem with the games made by people primarily inspired by them is that generally they just want game X but with gimmick, rather than game Y seriously influenced by game X but different enough to bring new cool things to the table. Even something as simple as a 3D gimmick made Satisfactory stand out from Factorio.
            >early access games
            Terrible, I tried out 2 in the last few months, Death Trash and Space Haven, and both aren’t worth their price and are pretty short/shallow as they stand. My advice is to pirate any early access game that costs more than 15$ before you try it.
            >AA industry
            They’ve usually been reliant on publishers, but that led to them eventually being bought out by publishers, usually with disastrous effects as their games would be interfered without impunity, which is why Dead Space 3 is a cover shooter and Simcity 2013 had an always-online DRM and multiplayer focus.
            I am going to sleep, sorry that I cannot talk for now anymore. Maybe if the thread lives long enough we could resume, but I’d rather it archives because sifting through hundreds of posts is tiresome. Not exactly sure why but it feels shit. Maybe it’s the idea that I’m "late to the party"? Or that the thread has grown out of scope? Then again, no idea.

  7. […]

    >Cant give more then a 1 word rebuttal
    You could at least try to make it look like this isnt a blatant shitpost thread.

  8. Im very likely older then you and video games are still basically as good as theyve ever been. The main 2 differences is that now games are so easy to make there is a fuckin deluge of them. That means a fuck ton of shit games all over the place. Bad indie games is the modern shovelware. AAA games are also lasting longer and we get less of em. Fuck there still isnt a GTA6 for example. Even nintendo which already was a slower game dev company would release more then 1 zelda and mario game a generation.


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