59 thoughts on “It’s spooktober Reccomend me some horror games that aren’t amnesia”

  1. Condemend criminal origins.
    The suffering 1&2(GOG/Pirate)
    F.e.a.r 1&2
    Resident evil 1,2,3,cod veronica, 4, 7,8, remakes. Note that 5 and 6 are extremely goofy action games but are great for coop.
    Dead space 1&2
    Silent Hill 1,2,3
    Sven Coop Or half life mods: Afraid of Monsters and They Hunger.
    House of the Dead
    Fatal Frame

    Penumbra is also good and is what lead up to amnesia. I prefered Penumbra as I am a fan of monkeys

  2. How the FUCK do I get Condemned to work properly on PC?

    I have a Logitech mouse and thats an issue. I donwload the patch and that straight up disconnects the mouse functionality but fixes the FPS. I just want to adequately play a PC version of one my favorite games.

  3. >See people mention poppy
    >pirate it
    >Hey this isn’t so bad, kind of like it
    >20 minutes later it’s over

    Yeah, glad I pirated it. Would buy it if it was a fully length game though.

  4. murderhouse is the one good game that puppet combo guy managed to put together, not too ridiculous with jumpscares, the 80s grunge is more charming than overdone, decent indie take on a clocktower game. the soundtrack is legitimately good.

  5. Resident Evil 1-4
    Dino Crisis
    Silent Hill 1-4
    Fatal Frame 1-3
    Siren 1-2
    Clock Tower
    White Day: A Labyrinth called School
    Condemned Criminial Origins
    Dead Space
    Alan Wake
    Alien Isolation
    Yomawari Night Alone/Midnight Shadows
    Spirit Hunter Death Mark/NG

      • >Alan Wake is pretty good, but it’s not a good horror game. All it does it throw jump-scares at you.
        This is a bit reductive. I think its more apt to say that it isnt a particularly "effective" horror game. The ambience and context are genuinely good for a horror aesthetic, they just are very predictable in their methods. Dead Space has the exact same problem tbh

    • None of that is scary. It’s unsettling sure, except Phasmophobia which is just jump scares the game. You’d have a more entertainment playing Five Nights at soiboyz and actually get spooked by the "monsters."

      The problem with a lot of games is that they don’t even try to actually scare you, it’s mostly jump startles scattered around with barely any atmosphere to give context. Dead Space was good for atmospheric dread, but it still was only startled you for cheap scares. Another one was Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem, but it barely had any spooks in it and was mostly just messing with you.

      Call of Chtulu was good, but played like absolute fucking ass.

      Darkwood was good as it was genuinely unsettling and while it did use jump starts alot, it did straight up scare the fuck of you with shit like hearing thing beating the door down around the corner and looking for you.
      Alien Isolation can be good if the AI doesn’t take a massive shit and bug out.


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