72 thoughts on “ITT: Casual filters.”

  1. >just want to exercise so that Hisao doesn’t fucking die from a heart attack
    >get hardlocked on Emi’s route
    Not that I dislike her but still

  2. Why would I ever comfort Misha?
    Taking the Shitzune route means role-playing as someone with shit taste, so I would obviously be a dick to best girl.

    • I played Shitzune’s route first, hated it, didn’t touch the game for years after. Played Emi’s and she pissed me off at the end too. Their relationship was sweet at first but I guess I just don’t like personalities like that for relationships. They should have allowed for an actual FWB route for her to go along with the other available paths she had. I don’t think she and MC were well matched but I might be biased.

      • Her route is the only one that has you overcoming your disability. All the girls have you accept your fate as handicapped and be happy with it, but Emi teaches you to be independent and determined. I thought that it led to the most personal growth at least.

        • >dude just overcome congenit heart disease lmao
          She is going to make Hisao kill himself. I know a dude who had a heart attack and the kind of recommended exercice for fom a long walks every day, not sprint races.

  3. Gotta be honest, playing shizune route felt like i was getting punched in the dick for 15 hours, you barely even talk to her until suddenly she rapes you

  4. >good ending
    >everyone graduates and goes their separate ways

    >bad ending
    >you have no friends

    i dont like how real this path was

    • >are they not cool anymore?
      That board has been nothing but coomers, gays and those underage "ironic" types for a long time now, anon.


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