45 thoughts on “ITT: Games women will never understand.”

  1. >too retarded to read a bunch of lines and come up with shit myself
    >no idea where i’m going, or doing
    >too retarded to understand politcs
    >accidently communist
    bruh, i don’t think i can play this game

  2. I think their parody of fascism is actually somewhat off the mark. Fascists in reality are the biggest sell outs to man. Any sense of "Negotiation between the proles and big business" always ends in big businesses dominating the proles. Wages in nazi germany was slashed by 25% and the nazis spent more than what they actually made and thus relied on war plunder to make up for their retarded economic policies, despite the fact that they privatized everything they STILL lost money.

  3. >clasping Kim’s shoulder and shaking his hand
    >piling in the car with your mildly disappointed but still there for you team
    >Kim lights a cigarette and waves

  4. >Communism? Truly tragic how such a noble idea got co-opet by corrupt psychopaths and delusional morons. Sigh. If it weren’t for man’s nature. Maybe one day we will be wise enough to truly emrbace it…
    >Fascism? Uh, fucking incel chud losers. lmao retard ideology they hate women

    Truly, a game that punches in every direction and does not pull any punches in any direction. No biases whatsoever.

  5. >you can reject race theory and be just another racist, or you can accept it and be a REAL racist
    God damn this game is based

    • That is amazing, I’m surprised that statement is in a video game. I can really relate to it. Left of center racism is terrifying because everyone is just nodding their head, trying to fit with the collective. There is nothing you can do to fight it.

      • Contrary to what polhomosexuals will say every political identity you can assume in the game has the inner monologue mock and berate you for believing in those things, as it’s kind of warning you not to be a retard extremists. If you go hard and ignore the voice your dialogue options become wacky stereotypes of that group.

        I went hard nationalist and every time I talk to an immigrant, even a story related one, my only options are to basically call him a scrote to assault him.

        • That’s the scariest part anon. A terrifying future not because they recognize race theory, but because they understand it and use it to acquire power. Ethics and morality be damned.


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