ITT New Move, Item and Ability Ideas

You love to see it. Always try to keep one of these threads up if I can. I'll start

When making contact, there is a 30% the attacker/target misses on their next turn. Does not affect Grass-types.

>Double Dip
This Pokemon has a 50% chance to recycle its consumed item at the end of every turn. Doesn't work if that item was destroyed or knocked off

>Frost Heave
Sand Force for Ice moves in Snow

Causes Magic / Wonder / Trick Room upon entering the field (respectively). If the matching room is active when switching in, it will be canceled instead.

>Express Delivery
Any moves that involve items have +3 priority (ex. Thief, Fling, Knock Off, Recycle, etc.)


>Sliding Tackle
Normal, Physical, 70bp
Slides into the target, tripping them up and lowering Speed -1. On Grassy Terrain this move gains +1 priority.

>Dust Jacket
Ground, Status
Surrounds the user and their allies in a cloud of protective dust. The user's team is now immune to sand, spore and powder for the next 5 turns

>Dust Bath
Ground, Status
Throws a ball of dust at the target which bursts into a cloud of fine particles and covers them. The target becomes a Ground-type.

>Dust Devil
Ground, Special, 70bp
Can hit Flying-types and Pokemon with Levitate. This also deals SE damage against Flying-type Pokemon.

>Trash Compactor
Poison, Physical, 90bp, 95%
Crushes the target with a powerful force. Has a 30% chance to lower Defense -2.

>Snow Plow
Ice, Physical, 100bp, 90%
The user lowers their head and drives a large pile of snow into the opponent. If there are hazards on the user's side of the field, they are now cleared and this move deals double damage.

Fire, Physical, 90bp, 95%
25% recoil

Normal, Physical, 20bp
Removes any screens on the target's side of the field. If hitting a Steel-type, this also has a 100% chance to lower their Def and SpDef -1 each.

  1. 6 days ago

    Bright Torrent (Psychics moves are super effective on dark types. Immunity to Dark types)

  2. 6 days ago

    every punch move has the chance to hit 4 times (signature ability of machamp and ledian's evo)

  3. 6 days ago

    Rock, physical, 90 BP, 95% acc
    SE against Rock types

    Ice, Phys, 60bp, 90% acc
    If the target is frozen, this deals double damage and unfreezes them. If the target is an Ice type, this will cut their defense in half

    >Iron Maiden
    Steel, Phys, 30bp, 90%
    Steel type trapping move

    Steel, Special, 100bp, 95%, Sound based
    Strikes the target with hollow metal, resonating sound waves across the field that also damages all other Pokémon in play for typeless damage (the original target takes steel type damage that is not sound based)

    >Body Check
    Fighting, Phys, 80bp, 100%
    Has a 30% chance to flinch and 10% chance to Paralyze

    Fighting, Phys, 70bp, 100%
    Launches a projectile at the target that ignores type resistance

    >Spot Me
    Fighting, Status
    Redirects all moves towards the user's ally and then boosts the user's Att and Def +1 each

    >Tag Out
    Normal, Status
    The user immediately swaps out for a Pokémon in waiting. The incoming Pokémon recovers 20% health.

    Normal, Status
    The user shares their Speed boosts with their ally

    >Pep Up
    Fairy, Status
    The user's ally has their stat drops removed and restores 1 PP to all their moves

    >Unfinished Business
    Ghost, Phys, 70bp, 100%
    If the user is switching in to replace a KO'd Pokemon, this move's damage doubles

    >Gummy Whip
    Fairy, Physical, 100bp, 90%
    Slaps both opponents with a stretchy arm

    >Sugar Rush
    Fairy, Status
    Increases Speed and Special Attack +1 each

    Water, Special, 20bp, 100%
    Consumes the target's held Berry and also recovers 30% HP if a Berry was consumed. Otherwise deals pitiful damage

    Fairy, physical, 75bp, 100%
    Fairy elemental punch. Has a 30% chance to "throat chop" the target

  4. 6 days ago

    Ability: Antimaterialist
    This Pokemon's attacks ignore triggering held items.

    I picture it reserved for a Fire/Fairy mythical Pokémon with type of zen master motif

  5. 6 days ago

    Dark type status move, 50% accuracy. 5 PP
    Pokémon succumbs to its status condition; faints if burned, poisoned, paralyzed or frozen. Always fails against a target without a status condition.

    Pressure from a OHKO dice roll to switch anything with a status. Fucks with Guts ability Pokemon especially.

    • 6 days ago

      Lots of cool ones here, I especially like express delivery. Seems odd they don't have something like it considering all the Flying Type pokemon who are used for mail. Here's mine.

      >Metal Munch
      Steel Type move with 95BP & 10PP. If the targeted foe is a Steel Type, it does Super-Effective Damage and heals the user for half the damage dealt
      Learned by Snorlax, Steelix, Aggron, Swalot, Dusknoir, Guzzlord, Melmetal

      Would probably have to be distributed only to a few lower tier Dark Types, otherwise everything fast will run it so they can potentially get a cheap KO. In general tho I love moves that depend on the opponents condition like this.

  6. 6 days ago

    I've already posted these before but they're my only good ideas ever.
    >All of this Pokemon's damaging moves use its Attack stat

    >All of this Pokemon's damaging moves use its Special Attack stat

  7. 6 days ago

    Wire slash:
    Electric Physical 80 BP
    Whips the opponent with a wire, can cause flinching (the opponent trips)

    Electromagnetic blowout:
    Special Electric Explosion

    Cryo cannon
    130 BP Ice Special does 33% recoil 90% accurate 20% chance to freeze

    Charge moves do not have to charge or recharge.

    TNT rush: 25 BP multi hit Fire move that destroys rooms and terrains.

  8. 6 days ago

    Making String Shot lower speed by two stages was a lazy buff, they should make it lower speed by one stage and give 50% chance to make the target flinch.

    • 6 days ago

      Make it trap opponents (non-damaging wise like mean look) on top of lower speed.

    • 6 days ago

      I honestly disagree. It makes it much more useful for doubles and actually gives a purpose for that low level move to stick around. I wish they would go back and tweak some of the other low level moves to make them more viable. We're at a point now where there is some variety in move selection at the competitive level, but you still have some centralizing moves that everybody might as well use if they get them like Close Combat or Knock Off. I want more variety, and I do think a simple way of doing that is just taking those crappy low level moves that you learn in the early game and just giving them more utility. And I think a simple way to do that is to give them secondary effects or buffs that you only really notice when you're playing in the late game or competitive. For example, in regular play the fact that string shot halves speed is nice but you're never going to notice that it does it to both opponents since that doesn't really happen in game.

      Lowers the target's Defense -1 AND blocks them from using status moves against you or your ally on that turn (they can still use self-inflicting status moves). Doesn't affect Pokemon who block Intimidate.

      >Tail Whip
      Lowers the defense of both opponents by one AND now deals weak spread damage (maybe 20bp?)

      Boosts Attack AND SpDef +1 each (somebody will find that useful)

      Boosts Attack +1 AND gives your next cutting move a power boost (maybe other things will learn this attack now)

      >Defense Curl
      Buffs Def +1 (and inc BP of certain moves) but also makes you immune to bomb and ball moves on that turn

  9. 6 days ago

    Pokemon can inflict opponent with an additional status effect. [Can inflict badly poison and poison, burn and paralysis, and etc].

    >Thick fog:
    Sets up fog weather in the middle of battle. Fog reduces the accuracy of all Pokemon except electric, fire, ghost and flying types this includes those types attacks. Ex: Water types and water moves will have reduced accuracy while a fire type or fire moves is unaffected. Fog lasts 3 turns. Can only be deleted/negated by sunny day, cloud nine or similar abilities, defog and rapid spin.

    Pokemon has a 50% chance of recycling a used up item.

    >Ready, set...Go!
    Pokemon nullifies effects of speed changing moves like trick room and tailwind. Additionally damaging priority moves like quick attack/extreme speed have their priority set to 0. Damaging moves like focus punch, avalanche, dragon tail and etc. with negative priority are also set to 0. (Basically all damaging moves become normal speed checks).

    • 6 days ago

      I feel like if they implement fog, they're going to have to come up with a whole new mechanic for it to work. I do agree on some of your ideas, like maybe certain types can ignore it. But I think it should actually stack with certain weather, namely snow and rain, while being cleared by sand and sun. I also think that defog and wind-based move should get rid of it as well. But it should last five turns like a weather and other field effects. I think it should also increase the efficacy of moves like mist, by making them last a little bit longer. It can even have a tandem effect with Misty terrain but I'm not sure what that would be

  10. 6 days ago

    I remember having a bunch of ideas for trying to buff Poison way back before Fairy came out, and I think a lot of these could still work


    >Garbage Guard
    Poison type protect that halves incoming damage for both you and your ally

    Creates a pool of pollution on the opponent's side of the field. Deals 6.25% damage to Pokémon on the opposing side at the end of every turn. Pokémon who are airborne avoid this, steel types and Pokémon immune to poisoning won't take damage, and poison types will absorb it. It can be removed like other hazards

    Poison type special move that deals varying damage of different types based on the user's hold item. With no hold item, it's a special poison move. But if the hold item is one of the type boosting items, this move becomes a poison + that type move when dealing damage similar to flying press

    Makes the current terrain polluted and changes its effects. Fails if there is no terrain active. The terrains will actually change names and their five turn timer is reset. For every terrain, the types that they normally boost are now weakened and any beneficial effects they provided are now removed (So no healing on grass, psychic doesn't block priority, etc). Ground types are now stronger on grassy terrain, poison types are stronger on misty terrain. Dragon is neutral in mist. Also terrain pulse becomes a poison move

    >Acid Rain
    Poison weather effect that works like hail / sandstorm. Has no effect on poison and steel types.

    >Spit Venom & Cobra Strike
    Priority poison moves. The first is the special one, the second is the physical one

    >Junk Shield
    A steel type protect that treats the user as a steel type when taking damage for just that turn


    Reverses the effects of all berries while this Pokémon is in play

    >Waste Disposal
    This Pokémon absorbs entry hazards when switching in or when they are used, restoring HP

    • 6 days ago

      >Toxin Sequester
      This Pokémon draws in poison moves and boosts special attack

      As long as this Pokémon is on the field, all Pokémon, including this Pokémon, take 6.25% damage at the end of every turn

      Causes acid rain when entering the field

      Turns normal type moves into poison moves

  11. 6 days ago

    +1 to S.Att and S.Def, gives the user the Levitate ability. Effect can only be applied once.

    Spread wings
    Flying (learned by most winged pokemon that are not flying type)
    +1 to Att and Spd and a magnet rise effect for 5 turns.

  12. 6 days ago

    >monkey do
    Thanks to closely watching trainers, this pokemon has learned to use man-made items. It allows for the usage of items like Max Potions and Revives as held items.

    Run Program
    Normal move, status
    5 pp, -- Acc
    The user runs the files stored on its held item. The move fails if the held item isn't a TM. It uses the move contained on the held TM. Learned by Porygon and Genesect by level up, but can be Mirror Herbed onto any mechanical pokemon, including Magearna, Magnemite, and Klink.

    • 6 days ago

      >Run Program
      I'm assuming this is a way to let them use moves they wouldn't normally learn by TM? That's a cool gimmick

  13. 6 days ago

    >synapse bullet
    Bullet move, psychic, special, 60 bp. +1 priority

    >smoke room
    Hides what move has been used by both sides for 4 turns

    >mirror room
    Inverses type match ups for 4 turns.

    Status move, 6 pp. replaces the last move the target used with amnesia for the rest of the battle, fails if the target already knows amnesia.

    • 6 days ago

      Fire synapse might also work as a name.

  14. 6 days ago

    >Ghoul Cloak
    the holder becomes immune to Normal and Fighting moves, it disappears when hit
    >Clay Mold
    the holder becomes immune to Electric moves, it disintegrates when hit
    >Pixie Dust
    the holder becomes immune to Dragon moves, it disappears when hit
    >Iron Armor
    the holder becomes immune to Poison moves and the Poison status, it scatters when hit
    >Sinister Eye
    the holder becomes immune to Psychic moves, it goes away when hit
    >Suppress Orb
    the holder's ability is neutralized

  15. 6 days ago

    >top gear
    >user has all three of its abilities at once BUT uses 5 pp per move. Doubles against pressure.

  16. 5 days ago

    >Monsoon Wings
    All Flying type move gain +1 priority
    It's pre nerf Gale Wings to be gifted to a mon they actually designed to not be fair.

  17. 5 days ago

    Scovillain signature move: Hispanicy powder
    >inflicts burn, even on fire-type Pokémon.

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