64 thoughts on “ITT retellings disguised as sequels”

  1. Honestly it’s good to hate Nintendo as a company but hating on their classic games is some next level retardation. Like who in the fuck can deny that games like Super Metroid and Super Mario Bros 3 are good?

    • It’s just anons who are miserable and desperate for attention as usual. But they’d never actually have the balls to come out and say what their favorite games are

          • Super Metroid is literally just Metroid (NES) in 16-bit.
            The leap between LttP and OoT is 1000x bigger than the leap between OG Metroid and Super.
            Actually, Super Metroid is a dumbed down rehash of OG Metroid for casuals like you who need hand holding.

          • >Super Metroid is literally just Metroid (NES) in 16-bit.
            So you’ve never actually played either game. If you wanted a game that fit the description then you should have used castlevania 4

    • SMB3 is a classic
      Super Metroid isn’t
      Nobody like that pile of shit back then, literally every other first party Nintendo franchise had better sales than Metroid

      • I grew up playing Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Megaman, Alex Kidd, Sonic, etc.
        Had no idea who that bitch Samus was until Smash Bros. Garbage, irrelevant franchise.

      • Super Metroid is a classic that is still fondly remembered and still fun to play. Even people who aren’t into Nintendo games cite it as one of their favorites

        • >Super Metroid is a classic
          Nope, nobody praised that shit back then.
          Only zoomers like it because it’s piss easy as opposed to other “frustrating”
          SNES games that take an ounce of skill.

          • I literally fucking stumble upon the ‘it’s easy’ argument thrice in a row now. First it was someone shitting on DQ8, then I think Mirror’s Edge and now Super Metroid. I didn’t know all of you people were hardcore games who cared about difficulty so much. Also everyone who’s saying that games got casualised and all that stuff usually suck at vidya and can’t even beat shit like Castlevania 1

          • Well at least you like something good. Also I wouldn’t say that Super Metroid is THAT easier compared to CV1. Games are not about being difficult. It’s not an argument when you shit on vidya you don’t like

  2. I wish they just had said SM and CV4 were remakes rather than sequels. Now the timelines for the respective series make no sense.


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