51 thoughts on “ITT: we act like it’s 1995”

  1. Everyone, I come from the future.

    In 4 years, this will happen and you will love it.

  2. >Wow life is great. Look at all these hopes and dreams I have, I literally can’t even hold them all, there’s so many. My cup runneth over with abundance. I cannot wait to got to sleep, so I can wake up tomorrow to see what the new day will bring. I feel golden, I am louder than god’s revolver and twice as shiny. I think I may be immortal, I feel like I’ll live forever!

  3. tfw playing mortal kombat 3 on PS1 at my friends house with his brother and both our parents who are having drinks and watching us on the sofa with music playing

    fuck I miss the 90s man they were so comfy

    • For me it was Trilogy, but I’m sure you could do this in 3. The first time you uppercut someone so hard the go through the roof was SO satisfying and was consistently fun every time.

  4. To all the gaystation owners, or losers as I like to call them.
    Dear losers,
    The gaystation zero is a fad for phonies and freaks
    Nintendo is going to release their new console and kick all you sony loving creeps in the ass

    • You can cram your ultra sissy bore up your ass. I was playing twisted metal with my friend joel and he said mario is a mushroom homosexual and he’s right.

    • For the last damn time, Nobody want to play homosexual ass Final Fantasy or any of that Mario bullshit anymore.

      >Ridge Racer
      >NBA Jam (the best version)
      >Rumor of sexy woman with gun game coming soon

      When the game with the hottie with the hot body and big boobies comes out nobody will even want to play your gay as fuck games anymore.

  5. What that black one next to the PlayStation? The only two systems that are out are the PlayStation and the 64. Sega hasnt done anything since the Genesis yet (unless that’s one of those Japan only/spin-off systems)


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