50 thoughts on “Jill. Jill Valentine.”

  1. it was the perfect storm. Not only was the game lame and still not worthy of the price it’s currently sitting at. we got a below average production with a less than average woman whos supposed to play a character that has always been attractive for 20 years.
    they made her a ugly hard ass, not a attractive bad ass.

    something ALL resident evil chicks have in common. (this is why they are cosplayed all the time and are endless fap material) when a character doesn’t get featured as fap material in japanweeb land? You know something went south.

  2. Looks like she was made by the feminist fruit cakes at Naughty Dog. What message were they trying to send when someone approved this? Like they saw it in a group meeting and said "OKAY! EXCELLENT!"

  3. I honestly think that they may have been trying to make her look like Milla Jovovich? Maybe..? But that makes even less sense as in the movie Jill was actually cast in the second film.

    I don’t get it.

    • > Lucky chris
      Chris would become a drag queen before thinking about marrying this woman. She’s troubled. From the way she talks and acts. Acts like how americans see their ideal women. So fucking unrealisitic and manly they’ll be 45 wondering why they don’t have had kids or found a relatonship.

      i think nujill looks really good. nuclaire also looks really good but i think i like jill more

      it’s good that you think think that but fans didn’t care for her at all. Some did and others don’t really care as they aren’t that deep into the RE series. But NUjill was the equivalences of taking a bag of broken glass and rubbing it across your balls.

      • i get that she doesn’t look like her original model/render, not sure about how different she is character personality wise. i just don’t see her as ugly


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