>join a minecraft tekkit server my friends are hosting

>join a minecraft tekkit server my friends are hosting
>everyone agrees to build one giant megabase
>it takes a week just to lay the foundation because nobody can agree on anything
>when actual work starts getting done somebody starts bitching because they think they’re somehow the base leader and doesn’t approve of how things are being done
>decide to make my own base near by while I’m waiting for everyone else to stop bitching at each other
>friend fucking calls me and tells me I’m an asshole for abandoning the megabase
>several real life arguments happen over things on the server
>they still bitch about it to this day

>join a server hosted by some random homosexuals from Ganker
>day one there’s a small communal warehouse
>by the end of the week it’s a spaghettified mess that shits diamonds
>everyone goes off on their own
>one guy starts building roads and infrastructure between bases
>another guy folds the entire warehouse into a tiny portable dimension accessible from anywhere
>another guy, who thought a chunk reset killed the warehouse, rebuilds it without the spaghetti
>all of this with zero leadership or higher coordination

How does Ganker do it?

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  1. Ganker is unironically great when people are operating in good faith. it’s just increasingly uncommon that any given thread or discussion -is- in good faith.

  2. This thread just reminds me of how much I need a new job

    >Work at large warehouse of around 200 employees
    >Do my own thing and get the job done without paying management any mind
    >Other workers like me for making the job easier, management likes me for not whining at them constantly, subordinates like me for training them well and paying attention to when they need help
    >People are mostly weirdos and/or autists.
    >love the job even though pay is low

    >Swap to new higher paying job at 500 person plant
    >All about communication and paperwork
    >Do about 1 hour of work each day, spend the other 11 hours of my shift filling out reports for every minor thing, managing disputes between employees, sending emails, trying to get people to do any amount of work, and managing my managers.
    >People are all normies
    >Considering blowing my brains out later this year.

    It’s the normies OP. For them, drama is life and is part of the fun. They don’t actually enjoy what they’re doing they’re just looking at the social side of things, and that includes being retarded like your friends.
    Put a bunch of Ganker retards in a server and big shock, they want to play the game. This forum is anonymous so people don’t pretend to be someone else for social credit or reddit karma. Unless they want to pretend just for fun.

    Ganker has authentic people looking to have fun while other places have normies. They’re so fucking fake they don’t even know what it means to be real.

    • >They don’t actually enjoy what they’re doing they’re just looking at the social side of things
      >tfw this is the source of nearly every problem humanity as ever faced

    • The people who still pretend and put on a social game and thrive on drama are ALSO the problem with Ganker. The homosexuals who refuse to just shut the fuck up and play games, like wojakhomosexuals, are afraid that LIKING THINGS will make them look "uncool", so instead they post wojaks all fucking day.

      • Even the wojak posters are better than normies. They’re doing it just for fun. Here, people will shit up whole threads wojak posting or other varieties of shitposting. On other forums, they’ll just shit it up trying to up their karma.
        The later is always way worse.

        • Sorry anon, finding "fun" in ruining anonymous, risk-free discussions with your endless posturing and need to hide behind an ironic mask even when you’re already hidden by irony is a lot less forgivable than toning yourself down in an environment with a voting system.

    • I find it very funny that anon people are less fake than people who have their faces plastered everywhere they go. Normies say that bad people hide behind faceless masks, but here I have only found good people. Shitposters through and true, but still good people, more so than what I’ve found in the years that I used social media. At least one can know for sure that a bait bread was done for the keks and not for internet points. We do have plenty of chinkdroids and shills lately though…

      • The only anons I’ve found that I’d call bad people are the ones who still put up the effort to be fake. Not just shills and NPCs, but frogposters and the like. The kind of people who are afraid to post what they actually like so they just post pepes instead.

  3. >he doesn’t remember the ragtag group of Gankerirgins led by a furry triphomosexual and a sniper BR with 140 ping

    For one shining moment, Gankerirgins were the most powerful force on the internet, friend anon.

  4. >Ganker plays wurm and becomes a human ant colony
    >Ganker plays warframe and completely rapes the leaderboards for years
    >Ganker plays GTAO and becomes a paramilitary force

  5. The problem is your normalhomosexual friends require hierarchy to function, without it, they literally cannot and will not do anything. Whereas, here, we’re all socially conditioned, or retarded, enough to not require authority and just do what we feel needs to be done.

    When you have a real-life friend group, you’ll notice it always tends to devolve into a hierarchy, even if it’s not intentional. People will expect one dude to do the organising, one dude to do all the work, and one pampered motherfucker that everyone knows is a lazy and useless shit but are too nice to say anything about. It’s great if you have friends that are autistic as you are socially because you can all go do your own things and then meetup and still have fun together.

    • >the problem is your normalhomosexual friends require hierarchy to function.
      >anons make a functioning base without needing to talk to each other
      So, are we the really the sigma thads we speak about so often? Or have we developed some sort of autist to autist mental communication?

  6. Look i love my friends, but not even getting paid would play anything with them. Fucking homosexuals that think everything should be about them.

  7. I don’t like Tekkit that much nowadays. I’d rather install a bunch of mods that improve or build upon the gameplay and the challenge (tough as nails, etc.), spice up the biomes and make the game look prettier.

  8. >make server with friends
    >just build stuff
    >friends get bored and just go around killing each other
    >actually get mad irl somehow even though they have 0 investment, they did not have buildings, did not even have diamond gear

    when did you realize actual crybaby’s existed

  9. lmao reminds me of some shitty discord SMP i used to play 5 months ago
    >be me
    >discord friends want to make a modded SMP
    >creates server with 200+ mods
    >everyone plays for about a week
    >everyone starts leaving one by one
    >2 weeks later, im the only one online and willing to play
    >3 days later the server is down
    >host says "the computer died" and refuses to elaborate
    why are discord people like this?

      • nah it was a bunch of hobbled together garbage, nobody really had any say in to what mods got added other tnan throwing cool stuff at the wall and hoping it made it into the final pack

  10. Sort of like when Ganker beat reddit in that tribes match. We shitpost a lot but come together when it counts. My best minecraft plays were on Ganker servers, it’s amazing how much more fun you can have playing a game when everyone is genuine and not trying to put on some homosexual persona for reddit gold.

  11. In the first scenario, they are just zoomers who like to play meme games for fun.
    The second one are people who play it 15h/day just because.

    • >zoomers
      None of them were under 28, and the oldest guy there was 35 and has a works in management. I have no idea how he has a job.

      • The worse you are at management the more likely you are to be employed as a manager. It’s about holding power not efficient management.
        If you know what side your bread is buttered and how to get people thinking you’re the only one who can butter theirs then you’re a good manager.

        Management, like sales, is for sub-humans. The people who take it should never be interacted with outside of necessity.

  12. The kind of people who still play minecraft on Ganker are typically autistic enough that regardless of intelligence, they know what they’re doing.


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