62 thoughts on “Just finished this. This is without a doubt the best game ever created.”

  1. Plenty of people saying it isn’t but not naming their personal best game. I don’t care about your opinion unless you tell me your favorite game ever, because that way I can see how retarded you are.

    • You made a shitty bait thread and can’t be assed to address the posts that did name specific games, so why would anyone else owe you anything more?

  2. It’s literally ubisoft-tier. It pisses me off that Nintendo gets a pass for using the Standard ubisoft formula, while the same people crap on Ubisoft games.

  3. >baby’s first ubisoft game
    >best anything

    dude the retards couldnt even make combat work from the shit durablitiy system to constant pauses to switch weapons or heal that break the flow of combat to no enemy varity with like 7 different enemies at most etc its embarrassing

  4. never finished it. i literally beat all of the divine beasts and i just have the castle left, still can’t ass myself to turn it on and actually finish it.
    there was a time in my life where I could actually enjoy video games; i had the motivation to finish them and even play them multiple times.
    now, after almost 30 years of isolation, living in pure unadulterated pain and misery every moment of my existence, not even a good game can entertain me anymore.
    existence is pain /blog


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