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  1. div 1 > 2

    Div 2 was insufferably bad in every way except gameplay. The New York expansion reveals how bad the whole of the original base game was made by women, for women.

  2. idk why I haven’t seen anyone anywhere talk about Northern Journey yet, I stumbled upon it during my monthly "dredge through Steam’s recent releases section". It doesn’t even have many reviews, but it’s fantastic and has some gorgeous levels.

  3. I don’t know why but The Division 1/2 is a strange game series.

    >better atmosphere
    >better characters
    >better looking ‘armors’
    >horrible bullet sponge enemies

    >still great atmosphere
    >awesome soundtrack
    >awesome weapons
    >good gameplay
    >too much sjw characters
    >ugly character creation
    >ugly ‘armors’ and clothing

    • I couldn’t get into TD2 because of the animations, that was my main gripe. They felt much more tight in the first game. The default walking animation in TD2 looks retarded to me and after a few hours I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Yup. Like I said here

      the first game is extremely bullet spongey, although it has a better atmosphere imo. the second one, not so much
      I personally mostly play alone
      I just like the feeling of walking around in a post-apocalyptic city. I feel like I’m on that will smith movie.


  4. It’s rare that a game, let alone one based on a half life 2 mod, makes you just stop and enjoy exploring an abandoned, decaying apartment complex just to soak in the bizarre architecture and dystopian-future atmosphere. The amount of graffiti and strange lights everywhere make it kind of nauseating to play. It’s one of the most baffling games I’ve ever played.


  5. what do you even do in these games
    I watched a video of some pvp from first one and it looked like everyone was super bullet spongey and the gunplay did not look satisfying

  6. >woman soldier in the post apocalypse
    Lmao they had to stay inside for a couple of months and immediately started whoring themselves on onlyfans.


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