Meet the whale who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on the MMO Black Desert Online "I love how we just casually talk about spending almost the entire cost of a full ride at Yale university on a video game."

Heedun yesterday posted a YouTube interview with Estimate, the whale who has spent $160k in microtransactions on the MMORPG Black Desert Online. Estimate is very open about the fact that he’s paying to win and gives us the lowdown on the whole thing.

Useful timestamps:

04:30 How much he spent in the game
07:30 Why he P2Ws
14:00 Regrets
17:58 P2W in Other Games
24:00 RMT in BDO
30:30 How to P2W

“he’s not a whale, he is a f**king leviathan” — YouTube comment.

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It’s weird to think about how, if you make an addictive game, even just a playerbase of one person could turn it into a good living.